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How to generate a panel without breaking a numbered list?

I have a number list:


1. a

2. b

3. c


When I introduce a panel by hitting shift-enter and selecting a panel macro the list breaks:


1. a


1. b

2. c


How can I use a panel without the list breaking and starting a new numbering?

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No joy - I tried the the options described, above, with the backspace to 'stop' the numbering. Doing that just deleted the added line and took me back up to the end of "1." Using the cloud version, if that's relevant. I just want to add info blocks within numbered lists.

Honestly can't believe this is an issue as it's something that should be supported. What's the point of providing the ability to insert an info block in your documentation if you can't do it within a numbered list?? 100% of the time, my numbering restarts. Please fix this...

Agreed.  Numbered lists break too easily and there is no way to tell the next (incorrectly) numbered line to restart on the correct number.

This is really upsetting. My issue is similar but instead of breaking the list, now it's refusing to break the list and forcing the panel to appear after the numbered list no matter where I try to insert the panel.  Nevertheless, you shouldn't have to enter a Street Figher or Contra cheat code in order to use the panels/macros properly. 

Same thing here, impossible to add the info panel, it goes to the end of the list regardless...

And if you add a code snippet to one of the numbered items, it always goes to the bottom, it does not break the section, but it always goes to the bottom...

@Marcelo Teixeira de Melo I can use Shift+Enter to add a code block below a numbered list, as it will consider this part of the same paragraph.

New objects though, like an info panel, seem to break the numbering no matter what I do. I can't believe this is still an issue 2 years later...

I am also having this issue and really can't believe it hasn't been fixed yet. 

Me as well. This is a fundamental feature for any documentation/wiki-related tool. Confluence can't live without this for another month! Let's get this into an active Sprint @ Atlassian product peeps. :)

I am having this issue also.  The only thing I can do is put the panel at the end of the numbered items, but then it's out of place and not relevant to the last item.  Please fix this issue and allow panels to break numbered lists.

I have this issue as well.  Having info panels inside an ordered list seems pretty reasonable to me.  I'm sure this used to work OK in previous versions of Confluence.

Yup. I'm experiencing the exact same problem, which is making documentation quite frustrating since you have to either try to manually number everything yourself, or alternatively avoid using the extremely useful info/warning/error/note panel. 

@Fabienne Gerhard Do you know if there is any particular reason why Atlassian seems to be ignoring this particular issue?

Everybody, to fix this.

Go to this issue and upvote:

Also, upvote this comment so it gets more attention.

I am also finding that the Note panel breaks the numbering. I use this extensively and find the breaking of the lists a concern. Is there a workaround?

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Hi @Dave McDonough - welcome to this wonderful community!

I tried to reproduce your problem but it worked fine.

  1. Created a numbered list using 'Numbered List' in Editor toolbar with three rows
  2. Hit Enter after first row (which creates a new second row)
  3. Deleted the new second number by using backspace - Cursor is shown same way as expected when using Shift-Enter
  4. Insert panel - list is still fine.

How did you create your list? 

What my also help would be put the panel macro right in the text (after your 'a') is automatically moved to the next line because of the wide.

5. Continue on with the list and add new numbered items, i.e. 


1. First item


2. Second Item

3. Third Item....


This doesn't work, still, 2 years later :/

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Also want to learn how to fix this without some complicated workaround. Shouldn't it just work like the older editor? Can someone open a ticket to get this fixed?

There's one here that you can watch and vote for:

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Awesome. Thanks!

The workaround with a table is crappy too.

  1. The rendering is not that of a numbered list (so if you have other numbered lists, it breaks the uniformity, besides being ugly)
  2. it takes three times longer to format it
  3. the content is not wrapped so we have a horizontal scrollbar. To avoid this, I had to include the table in a layout, but lose some space in width

In short, it's nothing but bullshit.
And I'm not talking about the trick of doing it in Google Doc and then copy/paste... 

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Dominic Lagger Community Leader Feb 28, 2019


I am a little bit confused. I tried this exactly how you described and get this: 

panel test.png

Another test showed another workaround, perhaps this is helpful for you:

  1. add you list first
  2. set the cursor at the end of line number one
  3. hit normal enter
  4. hit the backspace
  5. now, the number show disappear and you can add normal content
  6. paste the panel

Let me know, if this workaround helped you.

@Dominic Lagger seems like we had look on this at the same time :) good that we got a similar solution

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Hi guys, thanks for the answers. I should add I'm using the new editor. Dominic, using the method you suggested I got the following below. Are there any ways to mitigate this using the new page editor? Thanks

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Hi @Dave McDonough - did you try to add the panel at the end of the text of 1.a ?

I hit shift+enter at end of 1.a to start a new line and then added the panel

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I am getting same behavior as well. Adding an info panel in the new editor to a numbered lists break numbering.

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Adding to the string - I've tried all of the suggestions (Shift + Enter) and everything just restarts the line numbering at "1" again.

If it's any use, I'm using the cloud version of the app and not a local server version (I've seen some reference to editing the underlying HTML with a plug-in, but that only works with the local version of the app).

Why isn't this fixed? Lot of workaround comments, none of which work for me, but no updates on why this isn't being addressed. Just seems to me that this is basic functionality that needs to work - makes info panels almost useless for me. I'm trying to create user documentation and very often I need to put info/warning/notification data within numbered lists.

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Just want to echo Michael - this seems like basic functionality and a long lasting issue. Panels are excellent tools, but frustrating to use if they continually break lists. Leads to very inconsistent user docs.

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I am having this issue too. It would be really nice for this to work as we are expecting

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Having the same issue - info panels breaks numbered lists, shift+enter does not solve the problem.

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Same issue, would love to resolve this or vote on an issue, at least - also new editor, also Cloud

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The issue still exists, please fix it.

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Same issue, same complaints. Hope this gets addressed.

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same issue too here and very frustrating

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Same issue.

Cloud version.

Pressing backspace after enter just deletes the number and returns you to 1.


you start with




You press enter on 1. to get a new 2. You press backspace. It deletes the new 2 and returns your flashing cursor to 1.

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This is still a problem, can this be fixed? 

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At this point, sounds like a "don't bet your life on it..." It seems like such a simple fix that it's probably low on the list, only way it can jump up in prioritization is if it's more widely reported. Tell everyone you know to report the same issue.

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July 12, 2021, and panels/info boxes still break numbering in the new editor (Cloud version in my case). This is frustrating because Confluence is pushing this new editor hard on users, but it doesn't seem to be as capable as the old editor.

There's no workaround. Any new page uses the new editor by default, and I can't seem to find a way to go back to the old one in order to avoid this. Essentially, you can't use panels (note/info/warning/error) in any document where you also plan to use numbered lists, cause they're going to trash each other.

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I will just add that I am trying to do this today with the new editor and I get the new numbering and it does not work no matter how or where I try to hit Shift-Enter. Can this be fixed please?


I see the same think if you try to add a table in a bulleted list which I would also like to do. It just adds the table to the end after all last number in the numbered list. Would like to be able to add info panels and tables to bullets.

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Definitely needs to be fixed, I've been beating my head against this for about an hour now. There is no functional workaround that I can find.

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I don't understand why this problem hasn't been fixed since it was reported.
The above procedure does not work. Worse, if you apply it, it adds a new empty line...
I have
1. a
2. b
3. c
I add an "info panel" after the a, I get :
1. a
2. b
3. c

I can however insert a snippet code or an image in a numbered list without breaking it. Why not another type of snippet (panel, table, layout...) ?

To get around this problem, I just produced an image of the panel and inserted this image in the list, but this is not an admissible solution, just a crappy workaround (Especially if I have to change the text later, the type...). 

Please correct this problem.

It's a USD$1.6b company, they dgaf about user feedback *eye roll*

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