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How to adjust the width of what appears in the Excerpt Include Macro

Carolyn Van Ness May 4, 2020

Hi! I am looking to include a section of one page into another. I am using the Excerpt Macro, and within it the Excerpt Include macro. However, it is only showing the page title of my included page. I am looking to include more than that.


Or - I have tried using the Include Pages Macro. This would also work however I am unsure how to force it to a certain height (aka, give it a scroll bar). As of now, it just scrolls on forever.



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Stephen Ellwood March 22, 2022

The Excerpt include Macro seems to be buggy.  On some pages I get the option to make it wider, but this seems to be the exception rather than the rule.  On most pages there is only the edit (pencil) and delete (dustbin) options on the Macro.

Confluence seems to have caught the Agile disease.  It is in good company, like Microsoft whose Windows 11 is worse than Windows 10, insisting on giving me news in Dutch despite my language setting being English, and AMD, who's driver "update" completely trashed my PC the other day. Software developers seem to have lost the idea that the customer just wants something that works.

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Patrick Leal December 17, 2021

I used the Excerpt Include macro at first, then couldn't widen its narrow width. I switched to Include Pages and, everything else being equal (I think?), it's wider, so it fulfilled my needs. Neither macro lets you control the container width. 

I've given up on these small, stupid idiosyncrasies in Confluence, and attribute it to corporate greed, because that's what it is: Why go FREE when you can collect a FEE with the Marketplace? 

Coming in 2022: "To make text bold, you will need to purchase the Bold Text Maker from the Atlassian Marketplace.

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Dave Symonds March 29, 2024

Yep , maybe they should identify the PO for these function so we can email them directly to apply themselves a bit to their product.  Look at the removal of variable width on table then spending years to put it back.  Certainly wouldn't pass any sort of scrutiny at my work.

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