How do I perform an exact match search?

Joel Newton February 22, 2021

I am searching our instance of Confluence for the word "Esper" so I search for "Esper" (in quotes).

Many of the results I get are for pages with "esp" but not "Esper". This seems wrong. Can anything be done to exclude these results? Thanks.

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Kian Stack Mumo Systems
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 22, 2021

@Joel Newton

Atlassian's documentation on searches indicates that using quotation marks will return exact matches.


If this isn't working properly, perhaps raising a ticket with Atlassian would be appropriate.

Joel Newton February 22, 2021

Thanks. I'll do that.

Sander Huijssen January 15, 2024


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MM October 22, 2022

The year is 2022. I have just read through a ticket that was created in 2009 classing this issue as a bug. It is still a bug as the suggested 'fix' written in the documentation does not work.

In short, there is currently no way to search for an exact match.

Joe Bloggs June 12, 2023

The year is 2023 ...

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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October 14, 2023

2023 and 5/6 ...

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Ondřej Beneš
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I'm New Here
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November 23, 2023

2023 and Mariah Carey can already be heard on radio stations

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Joe Bloggs November 23, 2023

@Ondřej Beneš that's only too funny Ondra :)

Kris Boulez
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December 4, 2023

December 2023, the average search engine on the internet is old enough to drink alcohol, drive a car, ... (and does exact matching pretty much since day one).

Here we have a (mature ?) tool which still doesn't do exact matching, very very sad

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Valente Vidal April 14, 2023

2023 this still doesn't work , come on this is basic functionality 

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Andy Folland April 14, 2022

My $0.02 here.
Having just wasted half an hour trying to use the alleged "Search for an exact match" - my question then - why doesn't use of the double quotes actually do that? (i.e. search for an exact match).

As an example, searching for "intentionally" includes pages with "intentional".
That is clearly NOT an exact match then, is it?

I'm amazed at myself for managing to type this in without any swearing.

Nikolay Nenkov November 3, 2022

yes, searching for a strings is amazingly hard :D 

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Lucy Minato February 22, 2021

@Joel Newton good luck with your exact match searching, it's been a problem in Confluence for a while for a few of us. Here's some reading for you:


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Andy Folland October 24, 2022

Come on Atlassian folks - surely it's high time you sorted this out.

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Robin Green November 8, 2023

The best way to search for an exact match in Confluence is to download all your Confluence documentation and move it to a different Wiki provider that provides decent usability features. Since Atlassian is notorious for not fixing basic bugs and providing basic functionality that people have been asking for for years (or decades) this approach works best.

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Andy Folland October 24, 2022

@atlassian: come on folks, time to get a  grip here.

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Warwick Shaw November 14, 2023

Instead of  "Social Security Number" (which doesn't work)
Try "Social\ Security\ Number"    (backslash the spaces)

If a phrase contains stop words like
Adobe Sign Options for Authenticating Signers   ("for" is the stop word)

This won't work
"Adobe\ Sign\ Options\ for\ Authenticating\ Signers"

Instead try
"Adobe\ Sign\ Options" "Authenticating\ Signers"   (remove the stop and quote)  

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GM August 26, 2023

UGH.  yet another example of Atlassian ignoring a serious deficiency...  I am so ready to leave this product behind.  

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Daniel Béguelin June 22, 2023

Why ist this question marked "Solved" when it actually isn't ? 

Exact search is not working.

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Kevin Ryan May 18, 2023

Throwing your customers under the bus again, Atlassian, aren't you? A verbatim search option is critical to reducing overpoweringly cluttered search results — a major complaint about Confluence at my company. I don't expect you will ever take your blinders off, though. 

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