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How do I link on one page to text in table cells on another page?

I have two pages. I want to link to a word from the first page on the second page. How to make it so that when you change the name of a word on the first page, it automatically changes on the second page?

3 answers

Hi @Андрей Ионов ,

You may use the standard Excerpt/Excerpt Include macros.

And if you use our Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app in your company, you may try the Table Excerpt/Table Excerpt Include macros that allow you to collect the source page metadata:

  • page
  • parent page
  • space
  • labels
  • excerpt
  • author
  • last modifier
  • created
  • updated.

excellent, thanks. I used Excert and it worked. Please tell me how to make sure that when you click on the second page on this word (to which I refer from the first page), as if by link, I was thrown to the first page for this word

If we talk about Table Excerpt/Table Excerpt Include macros that are provided by the Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app, then choose the Page field in the Table Excerpt Include macro settings:


Like # people like this

No, I don't have Table Excerpt / Table Excerpt Include in my company.
I submitted a purchase requisition, but it will take a long time.
Therefore, it is necessary to solve this problem without Table Excerpt.
I just used Excert / Excert Include

There is no such feature in the Excerpt Include macro.

You may try to use Page Properties/Page Properties Report macros that allow you to reuse one-row tables - the PPR macro shows source page titles by default.

Like # people like this

Thanks. Please tell me where to find Page Properties/Page Properties Report.

Tell me here I have 10 excert on one page, why on another page when I want to insert a excert, I see only 1. Why is that? How to fix it ?

It's a limitation for this macro - one (the first one wrapped into the Page Properties macro) reusable table per page.

The Excert/Excert Include worked the same way until the opportunity to pull several Excerpts from one page was added for Cloud users some months ago.

@Katerina Kovriga _Stiltsoft_  
Excuse me, but could you please tell me how to do this (use multiple excerts from one page to another)

Define the unique Excerpt's name to choose it later with the Excerpt Include macro - this feature is a new one.

But you won't see a link to the source page, the Excerpt Include macro doesn't have such option.

That's how it is with me. I am missing a name selection field Excert. This end means that I can only have one on one page excert use?

Maybe you have Server and Data Center? Not Cloud Confluence? Then you won't have such feature.

Hi there,

As this question mentions our Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app, we are happy to introduce its new macro – Table Spreadsheet.

The macro allows you to work with fully functional Excel spreadsheets right in Confluence.

You’ll be able to use cells’ formulas, filters, conditional formatting, etc., create pivot tables and charts from the page view and edit modes.

The Table Spreadsheet macro is available for Cloud and Server/Data Center.

Hi ,

I can think of three different ways to achieve something like this:

1. The Page Properties Macro

Inside the Page Properties Macro you can define a table in your Confluence page. Using the Page Properties Report Macro you can then create reports on other pages. You can find the documentation for it here.

Page Properties come with some major limitations though. For example, you cannot change the value on the page you're embedding them (creating the report). This will also get really complicated if you want more than one table and things like that.

2. Page Includes and Excerpt Includes

A less intuitive tool for achieving this could be making use of the Page Include and Excerpt Include macro. Confluence has recently implemented a new feature that allows you to define multiple named excerpts in a page. Using this, you could wrap the content of the table cell in an Excerpt macro and give it a name. On your other page you could then include it with an Excerpt Include macro.

This however has similar shortcomings as the Page Properties macro in the sense that you can only edit the value on the source page and will also get increasingly hard to manage with every table cell you do this for.

3. Orderly Databases for Confluence

This is a new app by my team at K15t. Essentially, it's like a better version of Page Properties or tables: you can create a database (which looks like a table) that you can embed into your Confluence pages. Not only does it allow you to edit the contents of each table cell from all pages, but you can also embed single entries or rows into pages based on filters and a lot more.

If that sounds interesting to you, can try it out for 30 days for free here. And if your team only has up to 10 members, is is actually completely free!

Hope this helps! :)


@Sven Schatter _K15t_  thanks
Tell me how to insert several excert by means of Excerpt Include

@Андрей Ионов I faced the same challenge as you. Unfortunately, the excerpt macro works only with exactly ONE excerpt, not many.

However, recently I've found another plugin (additional costs!) called "MultiExcerpt". Regarding their own description it should provide exactly what you are looking for.

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