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How can I insert markup in Confluence ?


I try to import some wiki contents (xwiki contents) into Confluence.

I see here that I can use the Insert Markup > Markdown function to do this.

In the editor, I cannot see this link (see photo).

How can I configure it ?



4 answers

Hey Reynald,

To add some info, I think you are specifically looking for Markup (vs Markdown) since you are coming from XWiki. The closeness of the names leads to all sorts of confusion in our documents and other places on the web.

The new editor, despite its full markdown support, does not have markup support anymore and the macros are no longer available to display markup content.

My advice is:

  1. Try a copy/paste of the rendered content from XWiki into the new editor without using a macro. Content like links will work fine, and Confluence will pick up on many pieces of formatting. Things that definitely didn't work when I tried were headers. See if this gets you reasonably close to where you want to be.
  2. If a paste didn't get what you needed, we also have a Markup page importer available free on our app marketplace. Based on my understanding of the plugin, you should be able to save the wiki markup you have in a .txt document and upload those text files to the importer. It will convert the uploaded files to Confluence pages with the appropriate formatting
    UPDATE May 2020: The importer plugin is no longer available for Confluence Cloud.

    UPDATE January 2022: 
    At least one third-party app is available on the Marketplace that lists the ability to import wiki markup . Note that the Marketplace apps listed for wiki markup import are not published by Atlassian and may or may not be free apps.

Let us know if we can help out more!


Why has markup been removed, I have been doing most of my inserts with markup

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Thank you, for making me get an admin in the mix to approve an importer and doing away with something that made codegen of documentation so freaking easy....

Why would you guys do this?

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AND now that I've gone through the hurdle of getting our management to approve doesn't work....

Thanks guys, i appreciate it;

Does your editor support tables in markdown, because it doesn't look like it?

Cannot even create a simple anchor in a page.



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So we can no longer paste in a markdown table.... and I can't see how to paste a CSV table. And there is no way to populate a table from any of these common formats.

The editor is just getting worse and worse.

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I also needed to import a CSV table into Confluence. Translating it into markup or markdown is painless enough, but manually transcribing the whole dataset into a Confluence table is just not an option...

So until the new editor catches up, the old editor is indispensable...

I am also trying to get a large table into confluence. I can edit the text I'm trying to paste anyway confluence would like, but it seems to have been permanently disabled. The only way to get it in is to type the whole thing out again.


This is absurd. Please come up with a solution for pasting in tables ASAP.

@Adrian May @David Otieno , you may try some apps that work with CSV files directly, for example, the Table Filter and Charts for Confluence add-on provides functionality to show tables recreated from the CSV attachments and URLs, for example, Google Spreadsheets (you make changes there and everything is reflected onto your Confluence page).

You may see the details here.

Try to browse the Marketplace - there are a lot of apps with similar importing functions.

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so we need to pay for app to have nested table ? yeah good biz model. I HATE Atlassian!

The mentioned Table Filter and Charts for Confluence is indeed a paid add-on - it's our app. But its main function is to filter your tables, create pivots, perform calculations in tables, visualize tabular macros, etc.


There are also free apps on the Marketplace that have specific functionality (importing or exporting data or other simple features).

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Shannon S Atlassian Team Mar 12, 2019


The article you found is for the old editor, but we are slowly rolling into the new editor, which is what you have on your page. Please note the article is still live because most Confluence Cloud instances are using both the old and new editors while we roll out the new one.

For the new one, see Confluence Editing Improvements:

Updated keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete, and full Markdown support

Instead of remembering different autocomplete shortcuts for different types of content, you now need to remember only one: the slash command. Type / to open a list of macros and other content that you can add to your page as you go. 

Keyboard shortcuts have also been updated to be the same as industry standards, so many of our keyboard shortcuts will now be the same as in the other apps you use. To see the full list, type CMD + / (Mac) or CTRL + / (Windows).

For those of you who prefer using markup languages, you can type or paste in Markdown, and we’ll convert it into fully formatted content as you go.

From this, I believe you should be able to just paste markdown into your page. Can you try that?



My team uses the Insert Markup macro from the old editor. We have a macro in MS Visio that exports information to a table structure (markup text) which we then paste into the Markup macro to insert the table into a concluence page. This process works very well and is one of the main productivity features of our process. 

With the removal of the Insert Markup macro this is obviously broken. I have tried just pasting the markup into a New Editor page, but just get the text.

The output of the Visio Macro is in my control so I can rewrite it. Where can I find documentation/examples of the markdown I would need to produce to replicate the behaviour we have lost?

I've tried pasting Markdown in, and it doesn't work one bit. Not even close.

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@Shannon S 

pasting Markdown does not work it just results in plain text. Is there a step required to process the Markdown?

Shannon S Atlassian Team Jul 30, 2020

Hello @Taffy Brecknock and @Matt Frear! My apologies for not seeing your response earlier.

If you're copying your Markdown from a browser, you may be running into this issue:

  • CONFCLOUD-66301 Copying and Pasting markdown from webpage on Fabric Editor renders unformatted text

This case is currently in our backlog to be fixed. In the meantime, if you were to paste your markdown into a text editor instead, and then into Confluence, does the Markdown convert?


@Shannon S 

unfortunately same result. What would be the best way to provide you a sample of the markdown we are using?

Shannon S Atlassian Team Jul 31, 2020

Hi Taffy,

You can provide the sample here. If you have trouble adding it into your reply, you could send it using something like Pastebin:

Can you confirm where you're copying the markdown from, and what browsers you replicate the behavior in?


@Shannon S 

markup :

||ID||Component Description||Impact||Team Responsible||
|1|*_Product Support Team_*| Unchanged|None|
| |*_Omiga Supervisor_*|{panel:title=New|borderStyle=none|borderColor=green|titleBGColor=green|titleColor=white|bgColor=green}|None|
| |*_Database_*|{panel:title=New|borderStyle=none|borderColor=green|titleBGColor=green|titleColor=white|bgColor=green}|None|
| |*_Siebel_*| Unchanged|None|
| |*_File Share_*|{panel:title=New|borderStyle=none|borderColor=green|titleBGColor=green|titleColor=white|bgColor=green}|None|
| |*_ALS_*| Unchanged|None|
| |*_Excel - Product Loader_*|{panel:title=New|borderStyle=none|borderColor=green|titleBGColor=green|titleColor=white|bgColor=green}|None|

the result using the legacy editor


Using Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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copy from clipboard. I have also tried pasting into Notepad++ first

Shannon S Atlassian Team Aug 04, 2020

Hello Taffy,

Thank you for providing the example of the Markdown you were attempting to use.

In your example, I see that you're using a combination of regular markup and Markdown. An example is your use of an underscore for italics, or the use of {panel}. As my colleague @Daniel Eads mentioned, markup is no longer supported in the new editor.

The Markdown code that you are using is not supported by the Confluence Editor. Specifically, your requirement to create a table using Markdown. You can find a list of supported markdown from your Cloud site following the steps from our page, Keyboard shortcuts, markdown, and autocomplete.

When editing a page that uses the new editor, click the (question) menu at the bottom left of the page, and select Editing keyboard shortcuts.

You can see the list of all the keyboard shortcuts and markdown available in the new editor.

Here's an example of the supported Markdown according to my Cloud site:

CleanShot 2020-08-04 at 12.57.11.png

Finally, I discovered that we have a feature request for full Markdown support below:

Since this is of interest to you and your team, I recommend voting for its implementation via that link. You'll be added to the watch list and receive updates on it in the future.

In the meantime, you may be able to use one of the available 3rd party Markdown add-ons, which you can find from Atlassian Marketplace.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions about that.

Take care,


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But you can't even paste a plain-text table, with the double and single bar format. Why? This all used to work!

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And telling people to go and pay for a plugin to just read markdown or markup or CSV? That's not serious.

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That's assuming this plugin you pay for would work, which it doesn't.

Even better...

So Markup has been removed and Markdown barely works, heaps of functionality has been removed and your customers are all really unhappy. Sounds like someone needs a promotion.

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...and it's been broken for over a year.

I would like to add my voice to this. Atlassian seems to have a habit of introducing "new features" without consideration to the impact of taking away existing functionality from its users.


Looking at the bug ticket for this this was created in April 2019.


Surely a company of Atlassian's size and wealth can fix this sooner!

Seriously !? We use Jira+Confluence Cloud and I can no longer cut&paste a markup formatted Jira Description or Comment into Confluence.. The benefits with bundling Jira/Confluence just went away (together with all time spent formatting all kinds of data in wiki markup format for easy confluence import.)
I have often created Confluence pages for documentation/knowledge based on info in Jira issues - no longer possible. Not only are all formatting gone - there's no easy way to cut/paste for example a table or code snippets.

My company recently moved from JIRA server to the cloud.

Yet another reason why we shouldn't have moved :(

Just unbelievable that a feature that is de-facto available in the server version isn't in the cloud version.

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Is there any chance of getting the old functionality back? I mean to be able to paste markup into the editor using the macro that was there. What's the harm of putting the macro back in the cloud edition??

Being able to dynamically build the markup for huge lists/table type information and pasting it for documentation purposes was a massive time saver. 

Who in the world today has time to manually build and populate massive lists of information using an editor? 

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