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How can I insert a table between two numbered list items?

Jitendra Kumar July 16, 2021


Can you please let me know how can I insert a table between two bullet points. Whenever I am trying to insert a table between two numbered bullet points, my number sequence is breaking. Please help.

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Nicholas Wade February 23, 2022


Perhaps though, Confluence wallahs can answer the following: 

If you can't put tables inbetween a numbered list, why can you easily put /code snippets inbetween a numbered list?


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Bill Bailey
Rising Star
Rising Star
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July 16, 2021

Sure. At the end of your bullet text, insert a soft return (shift + Enter). Then at the end of your table, a hard return (Enter), to start the next bullet.

Jitendra Kumar July 18, 2021

Hi, I have tried it, but it is not working. Still, my number sequence is breaking. Soft return works for images only, even if I am trying to insert a note, between the numbered bullet points, the sequence is breaking.
Please let me know if we have any other process to achieve it.

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Gaurab Mallik August 9, 2021

I am facing the same issue, and its just not table but with info panel as well.

Every time I try to insert table/info panel, the numbering re-starts from 1

This seems to be an issue since last year and still not fixed.

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Nicholas Wade January 28, 2022

In the end, the only way to put a table in a numbered list is to pull up PowerPoint, create your table, copy it, past it back in PowerPoint as a picture, copy it and then paste it in the numbered list following a soft return.

Bill Bailey
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
January 28, 2022

Try again. I often insert macros of all kinds. Go to end of the numbered item one or two soft returns. Then after the inserted macro, a hard return.

Nicholas Wade February 1, 2022

Bill, why do you keep writing this same answer ? You must know that it doesn't work for the cloud version?

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 5, 2024

I know this is an old post, but it is still an annoying problem.  With the cloud version of the Atlassian Wiki I have found that the only way I can add a table in the middle of a numbered list and retain the numbers if if it is in between top-level numbers.

If you create your list then hard enter a couple of times at the point you want your table, then you can add it (it will not be numbered).


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René Schlegel September 16, 2021

Using the text mode you can achieve the result you want:

In the visual mode there automatically a hard break (or new paragraph) is inserted below tables. In the text mode it is visual as a blank line. When you switch to the text mode and remove the blank line the correct counting is continued below the table.

Jitendra Kumar September 16, 2021

How to get these two modes (visual and text)?

I can only see visual mode. What settings do I need to update to get both the modes? Please respond.

René Schlegel September 16, 2021

Oh, I just realized that this question belongs to Confluence. I found it searching for another problem with Jira. So I thought this question was asked for Jira.

In Confluence there is only the visual mode but I do not have any problem when inserting a table into an enumeration:

In the edit mode it is seems to be somehow strange formatted but the published page is fine.

Maybe you are facing a known issue, that is fixed. I used the Confluence 7.12.2 for my second test.

Jitendra Kumar September 16, 2021

I suspect if the above screenshot is from the Confluence wiki page. In my confluence wiki page, I am not getting the below tools option.


All I get is 

Joey February 22, 2022

Still need an answer for this in confluence if anyone has found a way. 

Nicholas Wade February 23, 2022

There is NO answer - Dev simply ignore uncomfortable questions (from at least 2 years ago now). Confluence Cloud does not support numbered lists with certain interruptions - period! 

Strangely, odd things like /code snippet app do not seem to affect the numbering - probably because it was developed by developers FOR developers. I'm just surprised that they have not got us all using markdown instead.

Finally, although you can report the problem (which has been done several times over) Dev does not look at any report likes unless they get up to a lot more than a few hundred. Given that most people look for a reported problem and then decide that 'oh well, it's already been reported'... (quite rightly in MHO), the number of likes does not drastically increase and Dev remain blissfully ignorant. 

Confluence it seems is not only cack-handed but also incredibly expensive. If you have a large body of users in a company and want to buy some of the free/cheap apps, you find that you've got to buy the license for the whole group which at around £5 per head can prove expensive. So watch out. If you think you can simply tack on the Source Editor app for free up to 10 users and you have 500 users, it becomes a rather expensive way of controlling lists (mind you, I have to wonder WHY the Source Editor functionality is not automatically included in the basic Confluence Cloud package?)

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Nicholas Wade July 5, 2022

Just look at the number of views of this topic... and done, because the Atlassian Confluence can't see beyond their 'policy'.


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Nicholas Wade July 6, 2022

In Jira issues confcloud-7794 they have news! confcloud-7794.png

But I only just realised, this issue was reported in 2007!!!!!

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Dan Regan - ReleaseTEAM February 1, 2024

FWIW - I may have stumbled on a hack to make this partially work in cloud.

My results are the same for numbered and bulleted lists. I'll use a numbered list for my example. Let's say I have the following numbered list:

  1. Major 1
  2. Major 2
    1. Minor 2.1
    2. Minor 2.2
  3. Major 3
    1. Minor 3.1
  4. Major 4

If I try to insert a table anywhere in this list via macro (/table), the table is inserted after the end of my list. No good.

But by chance, I happened to have the data I wanted already in table-format in Word. I copied the table from Word, and pasted it in between two "Major" numbers. The table format was preserved as was the format for my numbered list. From there, standard table tools are available (add/remove columns/rows, etc.) YAY!!!!

However, this is far from perfect. I've noticed the following limitations:

  1. Only between "Major" numbers
    If I try to paste the table above or below a "Minor" number, it doesn't work at all. (I'm back to the original problem. The table is inserted after the end of my list.)
  2. List format becomes "altered"
    After successfully pasting a table between two "Major" numbers, the bottom number becomes locked. (By this, I mean that I cannot indent/"tab over" to make it a "Minor" number. However, I can do this with the top number.
    It would appear that when pasting a table into a list like this, Confluence will require the following number to be a "Major" number.
    For example, in the structure above, if I paste a table between "Major" 1 and 2, I cannot remove "Major" 2 so that 2.1 and 2.2 become 1.1 and 1.2 respectively. As soon as I remove "Major" 2, "Minor" 2.1 becomes "Major" 2, and "Minor" 2.2 becomes "Minor" 2.1

I can only describe what I've experienced. I can't begin to explain why it behaves this way. That would be a question for the developers at Atlassian...

It's a limited scenario where it works, but hopefully it helps.

Good luck!!

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