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How can I change the width of a table?

As the title suggests, I have a table I'd like to shrink down with the end goal of having multiple tables side by side. How can I do this? Thanks!

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Hi @Stuart McMullin 

I thought a video of layouts and tables - might be useful. Video Link

You could try using a combination of layouts and tables - to get them side by side.  

Good luck!


Deleted user May 26, 2022

This seems like a massively convoluted "workaround" for a simple function used in documentation universally.

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This is what I did too, but I didn't see this video until I posted the same answer.

Will Atlassian please replace the Product Manager of Confluence with a competent human being and address stupid bugs, sorry "features" like this?

Agreed, this is really silly

It seems a bug. The last column boundary can be selected, the correct cursor appears, but dragging it does not do anything.

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18 months, 9506 views and still we receive ignorance from Atlassian. 

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I created another question regarding changing last column width itself

see> How to change width of last table column?

the question here has mixed description (asking about multiple tables next to each other)

Hi @Stuart McMullin ,

If you have the Table Filter and Charts for Confluence app installed for your instance, you may try the Table Transformer macro and its changing column width feature.

Here is an example with screenshots.

Hi @Stuart McMullin ,
In the new interface there is no way to do this from within the table anymore, you can only adjust individual column widths.
However you can use sections to achieve this:

  • Under Insert choose Layouts and add a section (choose the layout you want)
  • Just add the table to the left or right section column and change the section column width.

So I need tricky workarounds (layouts or macros) to perform a basic formatting action?

Can't we just agree this direction of Confluence "experience" is not in everyone's interest? Especially compared to a fully functional "old" editor that was left by the roadside 5+ years ago and whose (basic) functionality isn't matched until this day.

Many users in my company seem to be too far away from Atlassian's priorities and design choices. When people start using different "shadow" tools instead of Confluence, alarm bells are ringing.

Sorry for being candid.

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Accept you can't change the last column width.

Thanks for this work around... worked perfectly for me.

This really got to me too, because I just wanted a small table to hold a legend.  

I ended up doing a 3 column layout page row and putting the table in there.  Works fine, though a little clunky.


Hi Ollie,


Thanks for the response. I've seen that documentation. Simply put, I still don't see what you're talking about.

I don't have the options for responsive or fixed. Is there a place I can see this in action? 

I must have this in "fixed" as whenever I try to move the column width it doesn't move. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 7.19.41 PM.png

This appears to be the only option close to responsive vs fixed. 

Hi @Stuart McMullin ,

It seems that your instance has enabled the new editor.

Convert pages to the new editor

How to revert to legacy editor

@Ollie Guan_携程_ Thanks for the help. It appears I have the new editor. Honestly, this shouldn't take an act of God to change the width of a table? 


I have to install a macro to change the width of a table? 

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I am having the same issue - I am adding a table with two columns, both with very short content, and would like the width of the table as a whole to reflect that, rather than stretching across the whole page, difficult to read. I can resize columns, but not the table as a whole. This is basic table formatting functionality available in every software application I've ever used - it should be not only possible, but easy/intuitive.

Atlassian - Please let us know what is being done to address this. I am not interested in complex layouts or plug-ins to accomplish something so basic.

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Agreed! I am having the same issue and it's quite frustrating.  A simple fixed width table shouldn't be so difficult to create! 

how frustrating is this, i bet a new kid will ipo something that is trivial not waste of time like this!

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It's 2022 and you can't resize a table on Atlassian without buying a plug-in. Ludicrous

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Hi @Stuart McMullin ,

To resize table columns, just click and drag the column's border. To make other changes to your table, click inside it to reveal the table toolbar.

Column width modes

  • Responsive – choose this mode if you want the table to expand as you add content. You can drag to resize the columns. It'll also resize itself to fit the page-viewer's window size (within reason).
  • Fixed width – choose this mode if you want to drag column borders to set width. Columns appear at your set size, regardless of content and window size.

when will Confluence Cloud get Fixed width mode for columns? there is no such thing available in editor.

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