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Getting annoying action confirmation box while editing document


When I editing my doc, I geting an action confirmation box like this one for each and every editing action: changing picture size, font style, adding a board etc. Its take a lot of time to press OK some dozens time. I've tried to flush browser cash, reload page, close and publish doc, check up editor settings, but nevertheless it pops up again and again.

Is there any way to switch it off or maybe some workaround to get rid of itScreenshot 2022-08-31.png

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This looks like your "save changes" action is being intercepted by the "I thnk you're trying to close this window" code.

That suggests there is something in your browser misdirecting the server, telling it you're trying to close the page, not saving an edit.   Could you test this by

1) closing the browser completely, restarting it, and then trying the edits again

2) Trying another browser

Yes, I've tried to close, restart and edit again, nothing changed - the same box pops up. And I've tried not only another browser, but even other PC - just the same result. 

I think it somehow connected with document itself. I've never got that box when editing other docs. Maybe size does matter? Or complexity (I've got plenty pics, charts, links etc. in that doc)?

Ok, if it's just one doc, then there must be something in the page that is causing it.

My instinct would be to check that all the macros have valid parameters filled in.

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Thanks for your advice, but there is no macros at all in that doc. There is about 150 attachments - mostly pics, and some short vids. Could it be the reason?

It shouldn't be attachments, unless one of them has something embedded in it that wants to check if you close the window, but even if that is possible it shouldn't be triggering the Confluence box.

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Well, could it be somehow connected with some cash size? Something like stack overflow, that causes such behavior? I've never found none of this at Conlfuence settings, but maybe I've searched at wrong place?

I don't think it's a cache or size problem, there's something in your data that is telling Confluence that you are in the middle of editing it, so Confluence is questioning the 

I don't know how an element could be doing that, or if Confluence is misunderstanding what the data is telling it and popping the wrong error message

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Pramodh M Community Leader Aug 30, 2022

@Peter Sementsov 

Not sure about the Confirmation box?

Can you send the confirmation email

it's not an e-mail, its just pop-up window: Screenshot_1.png

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