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Easiest way to track meeting attendees in meeting notes



I'm looking for an easy way to include a list of meeting invitees and attendees in a page in Confluence. 


In Microsoft OneNote, it's easy to add Meeting Details from Outlook. It just drops the details into a block, like in the screen shot below. Once the meeting details are entered, it's super easy to check the boxes next to the names of invitees to indicate whether they attended the meeting. 


I'm looking for the same functionality in Confluence.


I've tried copy/paste from OneNote into Confluence, but it doesn't cleanly paste. Same goes for drag/drop from OneNote to Confluence. Since Outlook is the source of this data, I've been wondering whether an integration from Outlook to Confluence might be available to accomplish what I'm looking for. I can't tell if this product does this: Can someone who is using this please offer some feedback on this? 


I'm open to other suggestions on this. 





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Hey @Mark Mulik ,

I'm Patrick, partner manager at yasoon. You have already referred to our app. With this solution, you have the possibility to create Confluence meeting pages directly in Outlook. You can set up an agenda incl. adding duration and speaker for each agenda point in a sidebar in Outlook. Referring to your specific problem: You can (manually) add a list of attendees, which will be shown on your Confluence page. However, the requested feature is already on our roadmap and will be released in the next few months.
With sending out the meeting request, the Confluence page will be automatically created. In addition, you have the option to set up your own Confluence page templates and configure the template suiting your needs.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.



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Hi Mark, 

The Meetical Meetings App should cover your requirements pretty well. The Outlook Add-in for Confluence we provide will help you to create the meeting page, and it will not only copy all attendees to the page and @mention them, but also add any new attendees and show their up-to-date status. 

There's two options to track attendees and participants (read documentation):

1. A dynamic attendee list. This macro will allow you to track your attendees, check them off as they arrive, but also pick the default attendance status from the actual Calendar RSVP status. This is a live macro, you can interact with it without editing the page. If you have permissions, the attendees will be added as watchers to the page. 


Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 11.07.45.png

2. You can also generate a table with the generated participant list. This option is also great for asynchronous status meetings. It's a normal table so you can just edit the page to make changes. The attendees will get @mentioned and notified. However currently no changes are tracked and also the attendance status is not yet taken from the calendar. 

Example:Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 11.10.52.png

(note that Meetical will generate the empty table, with 1 row for each participant)

There is a free basic version, just install the Add-in and the fully featured version on the Marketplace

I hope this helps!

Greetings, Lukas from Meetical

I've yet to find a solution that emulates the Outlook/OneNote integration as @Mark Mulik describes.  I too am super dependent upon the ability to easily and quickly add meeting information to a Confluence meeting notes page and then check off attendees as they arrive.  Meetical will add the info but does not provide a way to check off the attendees as they arrive.

Hi, @Janna Fichera . Do you use Microsoft Teams for meetings? If so, have you observed that Microsoft has added functionality to obtain the attendee lists for meetings? It's not an integration, because it delivers a .CSV, but it shows who was there, when they joined, when they left. I've considered attaching the .CSV as an artifact to a meeting minutes page in Confluence, but that doesn't display well to have a reader of the meeting minutes have to drill down to see who attended. Maybe there is a way to make Confluence display the contents of the .CSV? The formatting could use some work, because it would take up a lot of screen real estate if left in its default state. 

My current approach for showing meeting invitees vs. attendees is to have a section of the meeting minutes like this:

Meeting invitees (attendees are in bold): 

I then @mention all of the invitees and bold those who show up. In this way, Confluence sends a notification to everyone that the meeting minutes have been posted. I also post a link to the minutes in Teams, and if I'm dealing with a third-party with no access to Confluence, I save the meeting minutes page as a PDF and share the PDF, though I don't like that approach much, because I embed Jira links in the minutes, and when the issues move through workflows, the PDF version, being static, is just a snap shot in time. 

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Lukas Gotter Marketplace Partner May 19, 2022

Hi @Janna Fichera, please note, the Meetical App does have the ability to check off attendees as they arrive. I'll provide a full answer here as well.

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Hi @Mark Mulik Welcome to the Atlassian community.

You can use the built-in Meeting notes template in Confluence to track your meeting attendees in meeting notes.

You can find the link here to add the template :

Hi, @Sramanth Pandeti .


I'm familiar with the Meeting Notes template, and I'm looking to improve upon that. Having to key in the names of people who were invited to a meeting, and then key in another list of people who actually attended the meeting is a drag. I'm looking for automation, comparable to the integration Microsoft built between Outlook and OneNote. It is super easy to add the meeting details in OneNote, and once the meeting details are in there, it lists all invitees to the meeting with a checkbox next to their name, and you just check the box to indicate attendance. 



I'm also looking for something like this

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