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Creating a folder?

How does one create a folder in Confluece?

6 answers

Folders you say? Well, look no further! Confluence makes it easy to leverage this most basic feature of computing that has been in existence since before the assembly language in ONLY 5-7 easy steps!

1. make sure your pages are in the hierarchy you want them:

1a. Navigate into the space you want to act as a file system and select the menu



1c. Click and drag these into the structure you want:




2.  Use the instructions in the link below to add child-lists to your "Folder" documents so that you can view their child-"contents" with one click:

...and TA DA, just like that the MIND BENDING power of folders is yours to harness and direct at your most complex tasks thanks to forward-thinking at Confluence!

Nic Brough Community Leader Apr 25, 2018

That's not "folders", it's just one way of using the natural structures within Confluence.  The nature of Confluence data tends to make folders a redundant concept, but you can mimic them if you want.  It's not that useful in Confluence, but it doesn't stop you.

"The Nature of Confluence data tends to make folders a redundant concept" 

Could you please expand on that? I would love to know how this post-folder world works and leverage its powers of efficiency.

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Nic Brough Community Leader Apr 25, 2018

Folders work for structured classifications like file systems.  Confluence is a wiki, not a file system.  It's not like sharepoint where documents go to die, it's supposed to be a living collaborative space where the structure is more usefully classified by content than location. 

I was wondering what the format was. I've used wiki's before and I didn't even realize that's what this was (Only been using confluence for a week.)

However, as we may think the kool-aid is the best drink we ever tasted and evangelize on anyone who wishes for a sip of water - I'd like to put forth that, in a situation in which someone is specifically asking for water, that giving them a cup is probably the best idea.

Take my case for example, I DO just want some documents to die, but, I would also like them to be in existence, accessible, and within the same silo as my other documentation in case of the worst. I am just a nice guy like that. Hence, the need for a folder every now and then.

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Anytime some open source software doesn't do something, the true believers turn that from a bug into a feature.  

Re: 1. make sure your pages are in the hierarchy you want them:

But they're not.  How do I create a new entry in the hierarchy? 

And what is "hierarchy" here?  A hierarchy of "spaces"?

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Ah, you create a new space, then click on ... in the upper right, the "move".   Hmm, but I can't seem to move the new space to under my Confluence home page.    I think I'll just use Notepad.

Nic Brough Community Leader May 16, 2018

I don't think you've grasped what the software does.

There is a hierarchy, which makes "folders" redundant (at best, a primitive way of thinking).  Go to a page anywhere (let's call it page A), hit "create page", put something in it and save it as Page B.  You now have page B in the hierarchy under Page A.  You can move it within the space in the space's tree under tools, or move it and give it a new page, or even space.

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Re:  I don't think you've grasped what the software does.

I've used a lot of software over many years.  In design reviews, when developers blame the users, experienced managers will usually ask if the UI could be made more intuitive.

Re: create new page B under existing page A

Ah, so I need to create a dummy page to hold subpages, because there's no concept of a directory entry.   Got it. 

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Nic Brough Community Leader May 16, 2018

Correct, because you don't need one.

Most people grasp that intuitively when introduced to Confluence.  It's not a developer blaming the user, it's another user pointing out that you've misunderstood something.

"There is a hierarchy, which makes "folders" redundant (at best, a primitive way of thinking)."

Only in the mind of an Atlassian developer would a blank confluence page be a reasonable substitute for a simple folder to better organize content.  If you genuinely can't picture why a user would "need" a folder, you lack imagination.

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Just create and empty page with no content. Then add child pages to that page.

This works until you have to add two folders somewhere with the same name.

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I do not see a button or a menu item "add a child page" on my page.

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Nic Brough Community Leader Nov 12, 2018

Go to the page you want to create a child of.  Click "create".  The default place for the new page is under the page you were looking at.

Just remembering my initial impression when I first used the "Create" button (create page).  It wasn't clear to me where the new page would go.   

The "Create" button is up with top level items such as Spaces, People, Calendars.  My first impression is that it would create something associated with those top level items.  I didn't want to be the newbie doing stupid things like accidentally creating new Spaces.

Looking at the top of the current page subframe (CSS DOM id=main) , there are actions like Edit, Watch, Share  (in a subsection with CSS DOM id=main-header.navigation).  There is also an anonymous 3-dots pulldown menu (no mouseover description) on the current page with fancier extended actions like:  Page history, Restrictions, etc.   But there's no option to create a subpage.

The mouse-over popup help the the "Create" just says "Create blank page".   It doesn't say where.   

In fact, if you click on the 3 dots next to the Create button, and choose something like "Balsamiq Wireframes" it does create a new page with the wireframes at the point in the page hierarchy above the current page (different behavior from the create page operation)

No big deal once you understand it. 

If the "Create" button mouse-over help had said "Create blank page under the current page", it would have helped me.   If there was a "Create subpage" under the unnamed 3 dots menu (in the current page), that would have helped me.

It's interesting, I popped on here because I had the same question - I wanted to create a very simple taxonomy (just a clear separation of a couple of subject areas) so the lists of content didn't overwhelm. I was failing to find structuring mechanism beyond adding a placeholder page (I was hoping for something I could select that would show all the contained pages in the main view - perhaps even along with a short description - without manually creating that.

So, I found the make a blank page, add a sub-page. Fair enough, it works - could be improved (esp. regarding discovery) but it is what it is.

The bizarre thing (and this is my first post) is the aggressive and unhelpful nature of the 'Community Champion' commentators. This was a genuine surprise! Let's get one thing perfectly straight - users are not 'wrong' if they are unable to discover how to do something - the solution is incorrect (this might just mean not fit for what that person is trying to do, but it's certainly not a 'this software is perfect, go learn how to use it' moment).

Anyway, back to the solution...

Make a blank page, move the sub-page under that. Cool.

(and be careful about naming - there are some strange restrictions on duplicates if I recall).

Stay happy :)

great- how do you move a document in progress (*unpublished) into a new space that you are creating under a space for expressly that purpose- and more importantly, if you have a existing hierarchy of say 100 documents with images and cross references that you need to format into confluence for easy reference, that are all linked by an existing taxonnomy, how do I get them into a linked "spaces" setup exactly reflecting this existing structure? 

Also, could someone point to useful (therefore not Atlassian) documentation on how to create "spaces" that do not have anything in them for use in confluence ? And documentation on how to move things around in Confluence? All Atlassian documentation seems to reference multiple ways to do things none of which are related to actual solutions.  

I'd rather not have to go create 100 dummy spaces, then 100 dummy pages, then fill each out, then copy paste dozens of times and reformat, then move each around.. hours of work and copy paste- ? I think I'll just move it to a file share and point to it rather than try to use this? 

Well put, Rick.

You don't create a folder in Confluence because that is not how Confluence works. You create spaces and pages inside spaces. Or did I misunderstand the question?

And you create subpages under pages.

Perhaps you're referring to create groups for such users. Can you polease clarify about create a folder in Confluence?

your space is the folder that holds all documents added to confluence.

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