Converting a list to Action Items?

Phil Speer February 23, 2021

If I have a list of items like this:

  • Item 1
    • Item 1A
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

...and I want to convert that to a list of action items, I used to be able to select the bulleted list, then press the Action Item button at the top, and it'd put a checkbox in front of each item, maintaining the text, indents, and formatting. This worked with the old Confluence system, but under the newer Cloud system, it doesn't work. 

This is completely disruptive to my workflow, and I rely on this functionality for my day-to-day work. Anyone know of a way to get this to work properly?

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Angélica Luz
Atlassian Team
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February 24, 2021

Hello Phil,

Welcome to Atlassian Community!

Testing on my local Confluence, I was able to replicate the same issue. 

It’s possible to convert a bullet list into action items using the legacy editor, but not the new one.

This issue was reported as a bug and I added two gifs on the ticket for our dev team to check what happens in this case:

Please, click on “This affects my team” and also watch to receive updates.

Kind regards,

Phil Speer February 24, 2021

Thank you for entering this as a bug. I'm unfamiliar with the bug process in Atlassian products. How long does a fix like this typically take to get to users? This issue has significantly affected my workflow, so I'm curious as to how long it will be until I'm back up to normal speed. Thank you again!

Angélica Luz
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 26, 2021

Hi Phil,

It will depend on each bug. This one, for example, was created in 2019 and you are the first one to report this issue since then, so I’m afraid to say that it won’t be fixed soon.

For more information, please check our policy below:

Wim May November 11, 2021

Seconding this - this would be a great help if it worked properly.

At least if I paste a list into the start of an action should keep the format of an action item instead of converting back to a list. That's expected and isn't how confluence operates even if I use paste and match style.

Bijal Patel December 28, 2021

Agreed, I find myself needing to do the same thing.  Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Kristian Arambasic February 2, 2022

Agreed this would help me, particularly while exporting retro boards from various tools and pasting them into confluence. All those actions could become action items easily.

Brent Engwall February 4, 2022

I need that same thing.  Hopefully this isn't too hard and gets bumped up.

Diego Schmunis February 8, 2022

This is a daily pain for me as I write a lot of documents about processes and action list and if I forget to start the list as a TASK one, at the end I have to spend time going line by line and changing it to a TASK.

Andrew Grangaard February 17, 2022

Ran into this today.  This is ridiculous. 

Is it too much to ask for a wiki that is fast and useful?  (I'd even take _or_ at this point).

The "new" editor is so much worse than the "old" editor which was so much worse than writing in your inconsistent-between-products markup language.

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Diego Schmunis February 17, 2022

Truly ridiculous that this basic formatting capability is not present!

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Elisa Planellas February 19, 2022

Yes, while I'm unfamiliar with the old version,  I also have encountered this list to action items issue and hope this is being addressed quickly. At the moment, copy/pasting seems to be the only workaround. Fixing this would enhance the speed of work significantly. Sometimes when creating a list, one cannot predict that it needs to be in action item format. That is the nature of the creative process. 

Jack Lane April 12, 2022

Are there any updates on fixing this bug? Seems like a long-standing issue that should be quick to fix and affects lots of users as evidenced by the traffic/comments above. 

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Jack Lane June 6, 2022

This remains a daily annoyance - it looks like it has been an issue for over a year, likely with many users experiencing daily annoyance. Are there any updates on this issue?

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Andrew Kuban July 5, 2023

I ran into an issue with Action Items, but I was finally able to backspace once and then switch it to bullet. But it seems that the action item button still work strangely, it should Enable one first click. Disable on next click.

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Hakan Sirin October 21, 2022

Fix this, please! Its been 6 months and going...

Deleted user February 7, 2023

Bump! Please fix this :) 

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cormacc July 27, 2023

Another vote to fix this - it's daft, and greatly limits the use of confluence for minuting meetings

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ehudson September 12, 2022

I too am baffled by this not being an option, I'm moving company knowledge to Confluence and find it arduous without instinctive options like action items. Can there be an update? I'm tempted to use another product for the project management side, which personally seems ridiculous!

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Hans Christian Stadtler September 18, 2023

Bump, Bump ;-)

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Sylvia Barron September 3, 2023

This is still not possible, right? Another reason to convince my coworkers to change to Notion ...

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Paul Knight
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 15, 2024

any progress on this?


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Alícia Rius
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
Those new to the Atlassian Community have posted less than three times. Give them a warm welcome!
November 10, 2023

I need this too.

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James Mortensen October 6, 2023

This is a huge headache.  Even when I go to create an Action Item, if the copied text had a bullet point in it, the checkbox vanishes in place of the bullet point.

It would really be nice to get this fixed.

We're onboarding to Confluence from Google Docs, and this is a much missed feature.

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