Content by Label Macro Error: Error message: java.lang.RuntimeException: Hystrix circuit short-circu

erik.unangst May 15, 2023

Hey all,

We are struggling with an error that seems to be impacting the content by label macro.

The page has 9 content by label macros on it. The page is currently a 'legacy' page from our old server instance and has not been converted over to the new editor. All of the macros on this page fail to render, showing the following error instead:

Error rendering macro 'contentbylabel' : CQL was parsed but the search manager was unable to execute the search. Error message: java.lang.RuntimeException: Hystrix circuit short-circuited and is OPEN

I tried converting the page over to the new editor experience and this causes some of the macros to load properly, but it appears to be random. I will refresh the page and maybe 2/3 of the macros render and the other 1/3 are showing the above error. Refresh again, and now maybe only one of the macros renders. Every time you refresh, a different set renders, and the rest show the above error.

We first started noticing the problem today (5-15-2023).

The problem has appeared to fix itself several times, but it keeps coming back.

I'm not sure if there is anything I can do on my end to help it stay fixed?

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