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Confluence - how to backup database

Chris Worthington March 1, 2017

When I installed Confluence on Windows, I didn't install MySQL or any other database. How do I backup the current db? Is it Sqlite? 



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Stu Lees ____ REVYZ March 18, 2024

For those of you, like me, who found this article when looking for resources on Confluence Cloud Backups - here's a fresh new article that we created outlinging 3 different methods (manual, script and app).

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Nic Brough -Adaptavist-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 2, 2017

Look at the "system information" page, that will tell you what the database is.

It is probably hsql though.  You should migrate to a proper database, as hsql can fail without warning or backup.  To do so, see

Chris Worthington March 2, 2017

Sure, we plan on using a real database system when we go live. Currently we're using a trial license but we've added some actual content. 

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Per Löfgren (Qlik) March 2, 2017

There are many answers to this question. Using the build in confluence backup is one approach. Not advisable if the instance is large though. 

If its a Confluence instance worth doing backup on I would advice moving your production site to Postgres. Doing that is a pretty straight forward approach.

  1. Install a new confluence server with Postgre as DB
  2. Do a complete backup of your current env
  3. Restore the backup on the new env.

Atlassian has plenty of documentation regarding this that could be helpful. 

Perhaps the easiest way to solve this is doing a complete backup of the server since if the database in conjunction with the confluence data needs to be and exact match. If not you might end up with corrupt DB data and that is a mess to clean up



Chris Worthington March 2, 2017

We're still using a trial edition; that's what we plan to do when we "go live" with an actual licensed edition. So it's a pretty small database as it is.

Do you have a recommendation for backing it up now? Currently we don't have a DBMS like Postgres or MySQL; I just chose defaults when we installed it. 



Per Löfgren (Qlik) March 2, 2017

I would not recommend it but you can backup the whole server using the built in backups in your case. It takes a complete backup that can be used for restore purpose. You can find it under 


Chris Worthington March 2, 2017

Thanks. Like I said, we'll eventually go with a real DBMS once we purchase Confluence.

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