Confluence as a speific technical documentation system

My company uses confluense as an internal Knowledge base.

I need to create a a technical documentation site for our product, and I thin to use Confluense, but id needs to me configured in specyfic way.

What  specyfic functionality do I need:

  1. Site versions - documentatnion of some product module/functionality need to have versions. If the module is updated, we create nev version of site, witch describe this module. Old versions are available too in some menu on the site.
  2. Static URLs -  static site ID + some desctiption in URL
  3. Possibillity to export product documentation to pdf - creates PDF with all contents in the newest versions, with headers and table of contents at the beginning based on menu/site titles
  4. wysiwyg editor and automatic menu creation based on categories - this is the standard I think.

Is it possible to configure Confluense like this?

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Matt Reiner _K15t_
Marketplace Partner
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Aug 26, 2022

Hey @Paweł Szczeciński

I think our Scroll apps from K15t will help you do just what you need.

  1. With Scroll Versions, you can define space-wide versions where you can add, remove, and modify any page in the space and then release the changes when you’re ready.
  2. With Scroll Viewport, you can turn one or more spaces into a help center with a customizable theme and URL.
  3. With Scroll PDF Exporter, you can create branded templates that you can export and distribute or you can add an “Export to PDF” to your help center so users can export the page they’re on on-the-fly.
  4. As you mentioned, the WYSIWYG editor is just the standard Confluence editor, so you should be good there, and navigation for the help site will be created using the page tree in each space.

A good example of all of this in action is our help site:

Also, we have Cloud apps and a full migration path, if your team is thinking about making the move in the future.

I always recommend giving all the apps a try, email with any questions, and see how they work for your team.

@Matt Reiner _K15t_ 

3. Exportfing pages is a quite standard functionality. But I am thinking about exporting whole website pages to one document with menu.

Matt Reiner _K15t_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
Aug 29, 2022

@Paweł Szczeciński

OK, yes, this is totally possible with Scroll PDF Exporter. A button is added to the top right of every page which lets people export the entire page as a pdf or the page and it’s child pages. 

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Rising Star
Rising Star
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Aug 26, 2022

Hello @Paweł Szczeciński ,

Welcome to Atlassian Community.

1. in Confluence for every modification applied and published will be treated as version. you can compare the versions too here to get the modified details in between any two versions.

2. yes you can insert URL's and if you want to add descriptions to that URL's you can use different styled text's / paragraph and other type of formats

3. Yes, you can able to export your pages to word and pdf

4. Yes you can use "Table of content" macro for this to automated menu



@KAGITHALA BABU ANVESH thanks for answer,


1. There is  need to view page versions on  the website.
We enter the page (by default in the newest version), and there is a little page menu on the right with older versions. I do not mean about the edition history, but the site copy desired to publication as a newer version.


3. I mean to export whole site with all newes versions os sites

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