Can't restore a dumped database Edited


I backup the Confluence database by shuting down confluence, then running :

mysqldump -hconfluence -uvbackup -ppassword confluence > /tmp/confluence_datas/confluence.sql

 It's a Confluence 5.10.6 installed on a Xubuntu running with MySQL 5.5.31.

When trying to restore the backup, I install a fresh confluence. I shut it down, and I tried two things :

- to restore the database without deleting the existing one with

mysql -u root -p confluence < /tmp/confluence_datas/confluence.sql

This one is failing with the following error :

ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 1184: Can't create table 'confluence.A0_950DC3_TC_SUBCALS' (errno: 150)

- to erase the confluence existing database and run the backup script. It works, but when I start confluence service, the homepage displays an error message :

This installation of Confluence has failed one or more bootstrap configuration checks. Please check the logs for details. Exception :

Detected tables with non-default character encoding.

Any idea how I can get Confluence to work with my dump ?

Thank you!

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