Can multiple users concurrently edit a diagram in a Confluence page?

If one user creates a diagram in a Confluence page, can other users edit the diagram concurrently?

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Not currently, no. But the feature is in the pipeline.

David, Evan,

Is this question and answer discussing 'concurrent' (simultaneous) editing?  I assumed that like it's competitors did allow editing by other users, just not concurrent editing. Thx.

My answer is for real time collaboration editing. Yes, currently users other than the diagram creator can edit the edit the diagram if they have permission to update other users attachments on the page the diagram is being edited on.

I was actually asking about non-concurrent editing, but you've answered that question as well. I've updated the title and text to clarify in context with your answer. Thanks!

Hi, is this an implemented feature already? Thanks!

No, it would require Atlassian to open up their concurrent editing API. There was talk of them doing that during summer 2016, but that's gone quiet now.

OK, thank you. Is this possible outside Confluence, though?

If you store the file in Google Drive, yes, it's possible. You can store the file in Google Drive and embed it in Confluence Cloud using this plugin.

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