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Automatically fill a confluence Form

Vikram Malhotra
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 26, 2024

Hello All,

I have a confluence form filled by specific users in one confluence space say X

I need to take this form data and automatically fill a similar form in another confluence space say Y

Is there a way to perform automation to fill a form given I have data on another confluence page ?

Please suggest


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Noah - Devsamurai April 2, 2024

Yes, @vikram_malhotra 

There are ways to automate filling a form in one Confluence space based on data from another Confluence space. Here's a suggestion:

1. Use Confluence REST API: Confluence provides a REST API that allows you to interact with Confluence content programmatically. You can use this API to retrieve data from the form in Space X and then programmatically fill the form in Space Y.

2. Develop a Script or Application: You can develop a script or application that utilizes the Confluence REST API to retrieve data from the form in Space X. Once you have the data, your script or application can then use the API to programmatically fill the form in Space Y with the retrieved data.

3. Scheduled Automation: You can set up scheduled automation tasks using tools like Python scripts, Node.js scripts, or even third-party automation platforms. These scripts can be configured to run at specified intervals, retrieve data from Space X, and automatically fill the form in Space Y.

4. Third-party Integration Platforms: Explore third-party integration platforms like Zapier or Integromat. These platforms offer Confluence integrations and may provide pre-built automation workflows or allow you to create custom integrations to achieve your goal.

5. Custom Plugin Development: If you have specific requirements or need advanced functionality, you may consider developing a custom Confluence plugin. This would involve creating a plugin that integrates with both spaces and handles the data transfer and form-filling process according to your requirements.

Hope this can help.

Warm regards.

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