Accessing HTTP parameters from a Confluence Web Item

Is there any way to access the underlying HTTP request when creating a web-panel. According to the documentation you need to extend a JIRA only class, which is clearly incorrect (and didn't compile).

The only class available for the context provider is com.atlassian.plugin.web.ContextProvider and

public Map<String, Object> getContextMap(Map<String, Object> context)

but this doesn't seem to have anything in the context which would let you figure out things like the HTTP request parameters.

I can't believe that web panels are fully featured in JIRA, but stunted in Confluence.

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Aleksandr Zuevich Community Champion Aug 13, 2017

Hi Daniel,

try to use ServletActionContext.getRequest() to get the HttpServletRequest and then getParameter(paramName).

I thought of that as well, but ServletActionContext.getRequest() returns a null object.

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Aleksandr Zuevich Community Champion Aug 14, 2017

Ok, how is your action described in atlassian-plugin.xml? You can use web-item and xwork elements and extends ConfluenceActionSupport in your action class. It'll allow you to invoke getCurrentRequest() method.

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