Why Confluence editor is so slow?

Marek Zielonkowski May 19, 2020

The editor is too slow. If I keep cursor key depressed, the cursor on the screen slowly walks between letters. Same feeling of low responsiveness is when editing.

Take a look at this gifPeek 2020-05-19 10-54.gif

In comparison in the video above there is also native Sublime Text 3 editor window...

Tell me how I suppose to work in such slow conditions? How to edit bigger article?

My laptop is i7 8gen, 16GB ram, Ubuntu 18.04 and Firefox 76.


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John Speck June 17, 2020

I also experience this consistently on what seem like relatively small pages.

Marek Zielonkowski November 18, 2020

So I am writing today tables in confluence and it gets really slow. Is there any help here I could get? Anybody from atlassian could tell me what to do to improve performance? Or are there any due dates on improving responsiveness of this crap?

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Roland Wiesinger June 30, 2021

We are experiencing the same problem. Although it is not AS slow as in your gif, it is noticably slower than in any other environment (eg compared to the JIRA comment field).

It also doesn't matter if the page is empty or built from a template or very long. After a couple of lines, input gets slower and slower. The only thing that helps in our case: save the page, and start editing again. It will work "as usual" for a while then.

(oh, core i9 9880H, 64 GB RAM on Win 10 if that matters - which I don't believe since it's only in Confluence)

Hector Rivas August 19, 2021

Yeah, terrible experience to work with Confluence. Too slow. :(

I usually write it on google docs or something else, then paste it back to confluence wiki. Unfortunately that is not suitable as you get comments or some special objects.

Would be great if confluence just supported simple text markdown, like github.

xicheng wang November 4, 2021

When editor page is idle for 5seconds, javascript spends 670ms doing stuff, render only takes 8ms. Guys, you seriously need to level up programming. No kidding.  How can it be this bad

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Daniel Sputa March 11, 2022

now imagine, running zoom, sharing the screen with opened 3 or 4 pages, in my case with a lot of JIRA URLs, to go over the updates with my team -- and my computer is unusable -- basically, i need close everything -- and stop sharing to recover from this.. so awful. 

Aaron Shapiro April 5, 2022

April 2022 and this is still an issue. 

KenB November 8, 2022

Nov 2022 and editing Confluence is getting slower. 

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