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There is a workaround to use the old (better) editor in Confluence. It's quick and easy.

Heather December 15, 2019

I really miss my anchors. Steps below are what you can do in order to use the old editor. It takes no time at all. 


Brief Description: Copy a confluence page that was created on the old editor. Delete the info, change the name and publish. Move the document to where you want it to be and you now have a page to use the old editor. 


Step 1:

Find an old confluence page that was created using the old editor 

Step 2:

Click the menu icon (three dots) in the upper, right hand corner of the page so a drop down displays.

Click the Copy link in the drop down. A new, editable page will open. The title will be the same but it will begin with "Copy of".

Step 3:

Delete everything so the page is blank 

Step 4: 

Edit your title to whatever you wish

Step 5:

Publish your page

Step 6:

Move your page to where you'd like it to be (It will reside where you created it).


You've now got the old editor and can use it anytime you want. HOORAY! ANCHORS!! 


Brooke December 17, 2019

Thanks. A little ridiculous given what we're paying that we have to create our own workarounds like this. 

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Bob Sovers December 18, 2019

If you have a new Confluence Cloud site, without any "old editor" pages, you can generate one by creating a How-To article from the template.  The generated "Hot To Articles" summary page uses the old editor (or at least it did 9 months ago when I first found this.)

Bob Sovers December 18, 2019

One warning on copying pages.  Make sure that the page that you copy does not have any attachments.  After you make you copy, all of the attachments from the source page will have been copied to your new page (even if you do not reference them on the page.)


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