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Creating JIRA issues during edit of Confluence meeting note

Serge Masson August 31, 2018

Hi everyone,

As we are preparing JIRA and Confluence to manage our project, we are trying to get the best from these tools.

We figured out that in live situation of a meeting (so we are currently editing a Confluence meeting note page), we would like to create a task in JIRA in the mean time. This task is related to our current talking topics, we need a "link" between the current topic and the task : we need to create the task in JIRA during the editing of the Confluence page. If you use the JIRA macro, you only see "JIRA | ID-01". One minute later you do not remember what was the task subject...
And we cannot directly assign the task to someone, we need to be in JIRA to do it.

We tried different tricks, like another browsing tab opened in the same time. Really uncomfortable and not really working when you are presenting your laptop to a beamer.

Same problem but different case : we are opening a Confluence meeting note, which contain JIRA macro to list some tasks. Imagine we are talking about this tasks and we would like to write some note about it (on the Confluence page). So we edit the meeting, then we do not see the task anymore, but only the "JIRA macro area" without useful information.

How guys are you handling these kind of situation ? Is there some magical macros or add-on I did not discovered ? How to be efficient by creating JIRA issues "on the fly" during meeting notes ?

Thanks for your suggestion



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