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Confluence guide to keyboard shortcuts!

Kesha Thill Atlassian Team Jan 17, 2018

UPDATE 1.3.2020: We are pleased that so many of you liked this brief list of the shortcuts we find most helpful!

As we roll out features in Confluence cloud, like the the improved navigation and the new editor, some of these shortcuts will change and others will no longer be valid.

To get the latest and greatest shortcuts, we recommend that you click the :question_mark: in your Confluence navigation for a list of all the shortcuts that includes references to the legacy editor.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.26.48 AM.png

If you click the :question_mark: at the bottom left of a page you are editing using the new editor, you’ll get a list of even more shortcuts specific to the new editor.

Need something to post near your computer? Print a screenshot of the in-app screen.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.30.45 AM.png


Tip: Need something to post near your computer? Print a screenshot of the in-app screen!

---------------- Original Post----------------

Hi Community! 

My name is Kesha (kay-sha not ke$ha) and I'm on the Confluence marketing team - nice to meet you all! We recently put together an easy peasy downloadable guide on some Confluence shortcuts that we love and use daily. Use it. Share it. Print it. Download the guide here :) 

confluence shortcuts@2x (3).png


My favorite shortcut by far is Find My Recent Work ('G + R') - huge timesaver. What's your favorite shortcut?


Stephanie Grice Community Manager Jan 17, 2018

@Jay- your favorite ('G + R') made the short list!

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Jay Atlassian Team Jan 17, 2018

Put that on a t-shirt. :)

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I'd buy the shirt! Big keyboard shortcut fan 8-)

carolyn french Community Leader Jan 17, 2018

Also my favorite and most heavily used keyboard shortcut!

I did not know that one!!!! :(

But now, this is my favorite!!!

I usually use E, // and @

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Deleted user Oct 08, 2019

very informative! thank you

Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 17, 2018

I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to learn "E" -- that one and "//" are my favorites.

Didn't know about the Insert Markdown feature, thanks!

As I'm a total macro freak it is {.

The second most important is CMD/CTRL + Z when the editor does silly stuff again! ;)

My favorite Confluence Editor hack after keyboard shortcuts: open the Dev Tools and directly edit the HTML when the Editor doesn't do exactly what you want. Definitely not a sustainable solution though %)

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 18, 2018

That is really handy to know, @Dmitry [Lucidchart]

Confluence Source Editor by Atlassian Labs, must-have on every instance - whether internal or customer ;)

Shannon S Atlassian Team Jan 19, 2018

Love Source Editor. It fixes SO many problems, especially fixing issues with inadvertently copying/pasting invisible code!

Oh yeah Shannon, don't get me started on that! :D

I miss G+G in the list!!!

It is great for Confluence administration: Go to Quick Search to search anything, including any of the administration options within Confluence to go directly to them, without navigation. 

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Mirek Community Leader Mar 07, 2018

It is.. but only in JIRA.. I think that some features should be shared across applications. G+G is one one them :)

G+G works in Confluence Server 6.6.1 :) just saying...

It literally just puts the cursor in the global search box.

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Is there something else which facilitates this for Confluence on Cloud?

I am so accustomed to using G+G in Jira, but what is the similar function for Confluence?

Monique vdB Community Manager Jan 23, 2018

@Stephanie Grice just taught me how to make a checkmark with (/) and I love it.

The bulleted list defaults to a square bullet. However, I want to create a list separated by a hyphen. Everytime I enter a hyphen (-) followed by a space, the formatting defaults to a square bullet. How can I change this?


Shannon S Atlassian Team Jan 24, 2018


By default, Confluence uses round bullets. Is it possible your administrator changed the type using CSS? 

See How to change bullet style for more details.

If you are still having trouble after that please feel free to raise this as a new question in the Confluence collection.



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I knew c, e & ctrl+s.

My favourite shortcut is e.

This blog has helped me know more shortcuts. Will put them in to use very soon.


This is a great idea, but it seems like many shortcuts don't work.  "G D D" doesn't add a date while editing in Windows (it should be "//").  And none of the Ctrl-Up shortcuts work, maybe due to the latest Confluence release.  Would love to see an updated and corrected version of this.  Thanks.

Kesha Thill Atlassian Team Feb 08, 2018

Hey Tom! Thanks for catching that - we're working on updating this :)

I was also going to point out that in the Windows platforms, you type '//' to enter a date, the same as Mac.

Also, if you click on the help button in the top right of the Confluence screen, there is an option to show the keyboard shortcuts - but it is not as pretty as Keesha's document.

 Confluence Help Menu.PNG

Kesha Thill Atlassian Team Feb 08, 2018

Hi Steve! We're updating the infographic to show the right shortcut for adding a date! And glad you liked it! 

It appears the shortcut for getting the tiny/short link changed? Using "k" now opens a share window which makes it more difficult to copy the short link using just keyboard commands since the curser is placed in the add people field as opposed to defaulting to selecting the "Share link" field.

+1 this is a frustrating change. Is there a plan for a fix? We use this shortcut constantly! 

One that's missing is the combination used to create a task, which we use heavily:

[] to create a task
@name to allocate the task to a specific person
// to set an end date for the task

What would be nice though, is if the date setting could be done by keyboard as well. 

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Yes!  +1 to using the keyboard to choose a date from the popup calendar.  There's little value in a keyboard shortcut to bring up the calendar, if you can't use the keyboard to pick a date other than today.

Just type 


to specify March 2nd this year or


for March 2nd 1999.

Also: numbered and bullet list can be started using  the more intuitive Cmd-Shift-N and Cmd-Shift-B 

//2/3 no longer works in the new editor 

I can use all the help I can get learning as I go!

"Maybe you'll even discover a new one" ?


What kind of user documentation is this?


If the keyboard shortcuts were listed next to the commands they invoke in, oh I don't know, A MENU that was coherent, users would learn them at will. 

Thank you all for some very useful keyboard shortcuts. I am in the process of helping my scrum team utilize the power of Confluence versus SharePoint and tip or shortcut to make it a little easier for them is much appreciated.

I am in the same boat, so I have a Confluence Personal Space, with "Tips and Tricks"

For Confluence I have

  • Special Characters (Emoticons, etc.)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • ... plus several other pages to help with internal and external links, getting to the old editor, etc.

Thanks for the comprehensive list. We just had a creative company leave with a workshop on how to make Confluence work better for our company. The list is definitely going to be uploaded (in fact it already is).

My most used shortcut besides 'E' I believe to be 'T'. As Dmitry pointed out further above, the Source Editor is a great help, too. We need a shortcut for that buddy. :-D

Some of the shortcuts don't seem to work with a QWERTZ keyboard though. The shortcut-list-shortcut didn't fire for me anyway.

In the WYSIWYG editor, if you type "!" it will set you up for inserting a file and "[" will start adding a link.

Good tips, great handout ! 

One Query: 

The shortcuts for Numbered lists and Bulleted Lists that I see in my Confluence are Ctrl+Shift+N and Ctrl+Shift+B respectively. 

This handout says Ctrl+Shift+8 and Ctrl+Shift+7, which does not work for me? Am I missing something?

Hi @Bhakti Paranjpe!

I am working with a German locale and for me some of the keyboard commands don't work either. The command for calling the list of commands for me is either '?' or 'SHIFT + 7" instead of 'CTRL + SHIFT + /' (qwertz keyboard doesn't have a dedicated '/' key).

I haven't tried 8 and 7 in the editor, but I usually know when I'm going to insert a list and start the paragraph with '#' for a numbered list or '*' for a bulleted list. I find it way more convenient than using a shortcut (which of course is way cooler if you've already written your paragraph and decide it should be a list).

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Did somebody find out how to use Ctrl + Shift + / (shortcut to see all shortcuts) on a german keyboard layout?

Great summary of shortcuts. I have quite some favorites :)

  • General: g+r
  • Page actions: c, e, l (labels), m
  • Edit mode: @, //, ! , [, {, Ctrl+Shift+N


You should add ! and and l to your list ;)

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Cmd + Shift + / is a standard shortcut for help menu

I do not know how you guys checked this and how it works for you

Can we have the same guide for JIRA? Looks cool! 

There's a mistake in the cheat sheet; surely you meant "Redo an action that was undone".

This looks really useful.

Is there a Jira version too?

Deleted user Nov 07, 2018

Very useful for ultra-beginners :-) Thanks!

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