Zeplin embeds now available in Confluence and Jira

Zeplin helps developers organize and collaborate on designs….we also like that. That’s why we’ve built the functionality for you to fully embed a Zeplin file on a Confluence page or Jira ticket – all made possible by Smart Links.

Embed or preview your Zeplin designs directly on Confluence and Jira

To add a Zeplin Smart Link, simply paste the URL link on a Confluence page or type “/link” to insert. Once pasted, you can view the file as a small “inline” link which quickly tells you the name of the file and the source, in this case, Zeplin.

Smart Link Inline Zeplin.png

You can toggle your inline view to a more impactful “card” view where you can see more information about that Zeplin file like a thumbnail preview of it and the time it was last updated.

Smart Link Card Zeplin.png

Why stop at a preview? Fully embed your designs right on your page side-by-side with your technical documentation!

Smart Link Embed Zeplin.png

Love it? Leave your thoughts or requests for more Smart Links below.


Chris Sanderson October 21, 2020

Great feature but anti-aliasing seems non -existent for the embed variant making it incredibly hard to view designs. A zoom to actual size option would be really useful here too.

Darvin Ryckaert October 29, 2020

I tried copying and pasting the link straight from Zeplin but it doesn't recognize it as a Zeplin link ... any catches when pasting smart links?

Chris Sanderson October 30, 2020

Darvin, the only links I've found it to work with are from the app version of Zeplin and when you right-click on a screen and select Copy Screen Web Link.

I've not found it to work with any of the shortened zpl.io web links.

Aaron Shapiro November 18, 2020

I was just using this yesterday and updated Zeplin this morning. Looks like it's now broken. Zeplin looks to have changed the format of their links. FFS. 

Old Format that worked..



New format that doesn't... 



Rike Catalani February 1, 2021

I've managed to achieve a similar result by copying the actual URL from the browser in the web version of Zeplin when viewing the screen. However, the "flow view" (with the arrow pointing to a different screen) is something I still haven't managed to do. Help?

Jonno Katahanas
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 2, 2021

Hey all! Atlassian PM here. We're currently working on supporting zpl.io short links so these should work very soon. 

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MatthiasRump February 11, 2021

Looks great,
any ideas when this will be available for the DC version of confluence?

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Jonno Katahanas
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 18, 2021

@MatthiasRump unfortunately it only exists on Cloud for the time being.

MatthiasRump February 22, 2021

@Jonno Katahanas Are there even any plans to bring this to DC?
Where can I vote for it?

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Pauline Frey June 9, 2021

@Jonno Katahanas Are you still working on it ? I try to integrate zeplin links but i'm not able to get a preview

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arthur.oliveira January 14, 2022

Hi, I'm trying to use this feature, but it doesn't work here. I'm using the old editor version on Confluence... may that be the cause?

Grégoire Markarian April 1, 2022

Not working unfortunately, any idea when this will be fixed?

david October 21, 2022

You do have to be logged into Zeplin and make sure you connect your Confluence account to Zeplin. When you try to connect your link, a Connect to Zeplin button should appear. 

Tomáš Palm January 16, 2023

Does smart link work on server Confluence or it is only for cloud Confluence ?

Afif A. April 20, 2023

Any updates on this, it'll link it but won't go into embed view of the flow. just a link. 


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