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What's New in Confluence Cloud – September 2019 Edition

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to tell you all about new features in Confluence Cloud to check out this month. We’re also sharing a tip for you power Confluence users out there. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these features and how they are working for your teams.

CONMKT-1943_Confluence_Images_v01 (1) (1).png

Set team goals with templates
We’ve recently added a new set of goal-setting templates to Confluence. These were inspired by Atlassian’s Team Playbook so teams have one place to set, track, and stay focused on goals. These templates – Goals, Signals, and Measures; OKRs; and Project Poster – can be found in the “Create” module.

CONMKT-1943_Confluence_Images_v02 (1) (1).png

Use the better than ever Google Drive integration
We’ve refreshed the Google Drive integration in Confluence to make it easier for you to show supporting data or make your business case with slides. You can embed and even edit, all your Google Drive sheets, slides, and docs from within Confluence. You can also adjust the height and width of these elements and go full-screen.

CONMKT-1943_Confluence_Images_v03 (1) (1).png

@ mention teams in Confluence
You can now @ mention teams on a Confluence page or in a comment to notify the entire team without having to type out (or remember) everyone’s name. Use this productivity hack to keep teams of people updated on your progress.

CONMKT-1943_Confluence_Images_v04-1 (1).gif

Make your pages full-width
You asked and we delivered. Now you have the flexibility to make information-rich pages full-width, so your readers don’t have to keep scrolling down a page. Toggle between full or fixed width with the toolbar.

Analytics_final (1).gif

Confluence Cloud Premium
We introduced Confluence Cloud's Premium plan this month to give site admins with growing teams more visibility and control. The plan includes everything in our Confluence Standard plan and more:

  • Site, space, and page analytics show how your team uses Confluence and make reporting and decision-making easy.

  • Admin key gives site admins temporary access to restricted pages so they can solve permissions problems fast.

  • Unlimited storage, a 99.9% uptime SLA backed by service credits, and Premium support available 24/7 means your teams everywhere can stay productive with uptime, all the time.

  • New features like inspect permissions and external collaboration are coming soon.

Site admins can try Confluence Cloud Premium free for 30 days by going to “Manage Subscriptions” in their admin portal.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 12.30.06 PM.png

Power feature tip – Page Properties & Page Properties Report macro
The Page Properties and Page Properties Report work together to show summary information from several pages on a single page. If you want to summarize decisions across a project, you can select page properties from numerous decision pages and pull them into a single reporting page. Use the /page properties slash command shortcut or find the macro using the + dropdown in the top tool bar. Learn even more.

That’s a wrap for this month! We’ve got lots of new things cooking in Confluence so stay tuned for more updates.


Sumesh Sukumaran September 30, 2019

good changes 

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Sharanya Pola September 30, 2019

Keep updating!

Like # people like this
Dipz Bucktowar September 30, 2019

awesome thanks :)

Like # people like this
Mario September 30, 2019

But where is LaTeX support?

Like # people like this
Osmel Mata September 30, 2019

Excellent features!  Congrats!!!

Like # people like this
Gergana Mihaylova September 30, 2019

Awesome :)

Like # people like this
Joel Praino September 30, 2019

Great additions! When can we expect the "linking images" feature to return?

Like # people like this
Cheryl Kettle September 30, 2019

This should help with learning about how to use Confluence!

Like # people like this
jaybuckingham September 30, 2019

Looking forward to standard wiki markdown coming back for Confluence pages. It's pretty painful to import tables of data without it.

Like # people like this
Jon Graf September 30, 2019

I'm slightly confused by the full-width page feature.  We've had this feature in our cloud instance since August.  It's also noted: "...make information-rich pages full-width, so your readers don’t have to keep scrolling down a page".  How is full-width related to scrolling down?

Like # people like this
hwhan September 30, 2019

Thank you!

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Paul Timothy Joseph Molabola September 30, 2019

Cool updates

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Jaison John September 30, 2019

I liked the old jira more than the new jira. 

The new one is not so user friendly. I hope you will do well in case of the Confluence. 

Like # people like this
Laura Simmons September 30, 2019

Love the goals feature. Nice!

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Palle Nielsen September 30, 2019

Great additions!

Like # people like this
Brian Pook September 30, 2019

V Cool

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Jeff Postma September 30, 2019

Can we get a dark theme please?

Like # people like this
Sho Kikuchi September 30, 2019

Really need to bring back the "undo" button. The undo button behaviour on the browser is VERY different than what old Confluence, especially when working with tables. 

Like # people like this
Like # people like this
ReL September 30, 2019

Positive changes. Thanks

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Warren Swart September 30, 2019

As a non-tech Manager, I am really enjoying this software and the information provided....Thank you....I am learning slowly.....

Like # people like this
Sheshit Karthikeya Aakula September 30, 2019

Atlassian has always been awesome.

Like Jessica Taylor likes this
Meher Chaitanya October 1, 2019

Good Additions. One of the most important feature that I was asking is sharing the same user story between two teams? 

Imagine that there is a user story.

There is a UI team A and Backend team B

how will I make sure that the story collaborated between A and B. dependent tasks and velocity of the story etc?

Like # people like this
Jay Adams October 1, 2019

I am an Atlassian evangelist!!! 

Like # people like this
Paul Steckler October 1, 2019

All good additions - now if the table editor would get fixed it would be wonderful.


Or let us go back to the old one.

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