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Try new page comments on Confluence Cloud!

Hi! I’m Daniel, a Product Manager on the Confluence Cloud team. I’m excited to announce that our new page comments experience is rolling out to all Confluence Cloud customers over the next few weeks.

Comments are where important discussions happen inside Confluence. Feedback and questions in page comments shape ideas and keep work moving forward. We've dedicated a lot of time to improving the experience, because we know comments are important to our customers and their team collaboration. The new experience is meant to help your teams better express themselves and have meaningful conversations.

Page Comments.gif

Here are a few highlights:

  • Quick commands: Type “/“ to open a menu, add tables, mentions, and more. Type “:” to add emoji!

  • Native macros: Take advantage of new native macro features including status, date, and code block.

We hope these changes get your teams collaborating even more closely. We look forward to hearing your feedback.




Thomas De Groof November 12, 2019

Looks great! Will the "todo" command finally be available in comments?

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Jon Gordner November 15, 2019

This definitely seems useful!

When will we be able to see comments on docs in edit mode? Comments disappearing when editing docs make Confluence pretty unusable for collaboration.

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Rufus Casey November 16, 2019

Will this allow viewing comments and commenting in edit mode? 

This is the feature that forces us to remain using google docs until everything is all but finalized, at which point we can transfer to confluence. Obviously this is super frustrating!

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GraemeBryce November 18, 2019

It really would be a massive change in value if comments could be shown in edit mode.  Even as an editor is working through all the comments to update a draft it is necessary to mark them as resolved or continue the conversation. 

Better content in comments is welcome but PLEASE let us see them and hopefully also edit them when we are in edit mode.  Don't let N...on get ahead.


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Jeremy Hulette November 18, 2019

comments. in. edit. mode.

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Rufus Casey November 18, 2019

Graeme, what's N...on refer to?

Rob Trame November 19, 2019

Is there any documentation on how to insert tables/panels/etc. when submitting comments (or other text fields) via the API? It's not totally clear how to include these elements when submitting a field as markdown.

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Juliana Ferreira November 20, 2019

Looks great!

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Roman Plekan November 20, 2019

Great work, Daniel
Many thanks to the team.

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Joel Kadish November 20, 2019


This is really not helpful. I know Atlassian needs to support it's marketplace, but the lack of comments in edit mode as a free feature is the only thing users (and potential users) of your product care about right now.

Its the most basic form of collaboration which is the whole point of the tool, and if you can't figure out a solution you are going to continue to receive the frustrated comments you see above/below.

We need you to stand for the user here, and I believe the users have spoken loud and clear...

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Norman Rudnik November 20, 2019

Nice. Too sad it's not available when commenting this post :/

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Mary Connor November 20, 2019

Nice, but I'd trade the rich content in a heartbeat to get the "Resolved" feature, so we can hide historical noise without losing it! Is there a feature request for that I can vote for?

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Vladimir N. November 20, 2019

in my humble opinion confluence is trying to catchup what is doing for some time, but notion still does it a bit better. 

Nevertheless, I still have to use confluence, so it is a good thing to standardise some shortcuts 

Hec November 20, 2019

I'm not seeing the Code Block macro. I can use Code Snippet from the / list, but the functionality's not the same, e.g., you can't double-click to select all, making it useless for our purposes.

This alone blocks my usage of the new-style pages; I'm having to copy old ones so I can use code blocks.

My Confluence version is 1000.0.0-ad6d80ad2e78, in case this helps to determine whether or not we're current (no date is shown in the About should probably include this info).



(I know this feedback is not specific to comments within pages, but I figured this was worth mentioning, at least.)

Zann Tan November 20, 2019

N...on is definitely getting on ahead for my personal use for collaborative documents and pages :)

Diane Perez November 21, 2019

How can we NOT get an emoji each time we type " :" and hit enter ???

PLEASE, it's killing everyone at my firm.

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Deleted user November 21, 2019

Shortcuts like these are a must.
It would be useful to also have these available in Jira Service Desk.

Viktor Zhyla November 21, 2019

Diane Perez, it seems like we should use ":" + space bar now. 

Michael Rans November 21, 2019

Will it fix this long running issue?

"Ability to see inline comments while editing"

Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
December 2, 2019

Thank you all for your comments and feedback. We hear you loud and clear regarding comments in edit mode and I'm happy to share that we've prioritized this feature and we're actively working on designing and building a solution. Stay tuned as we'll have more to share on this in the coming months.

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Jeremy Hulette December 2, 2019

So great to hear, thanks for listening to the feedback on this. 

Rufus Casey December 3, 2019

thanks @DA that's great news! thanks so much for the thread of hope! 

Thomas Richter-Trummer December 3, 2019

We need a way to position images in comments again. With the new comment mode, images are always placed at the center at the next line which wastes a lot of space.

This is not possible anymore for example:



The new image arranging mode looks the following:


It would be really helpful if images can get moved left to right (e.g. on the indicated grid ) and if we can add more images next to each other.

Srinatha T
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
March 30, 2022

wow. Looks great. 


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