Rolling out: a new viewing experience on Confluence Cloud Mobile!

Hi there!

The Confluence Cloud mobile team has been hard at work getting the new page viewing experience ready for rollout. We’re excited to announce that some users will be auto-magically opted into the new experience, and that all users now have the option to toggle it on within their account settings.




When it’s turned on, you’ll see the following enhancements:

  • Scrollable tables

    • Have a full-width or information-rich table? You won’t have to deal with tiny, hard-to-read text any longer! View the content in your tables by simply swiping across the rows.

  • Custom emoji support

    • The dreaded blue-star emoji is no more; with the new page experience, you’ll be able to see all of your team’s custom emojis! Now, you’re free to use them to communicate project statuses, spice up the look of your page, or provide the perfect reaction to a teammate. Maybe that means more   in your pages? 

  • A new, refreshed look for editor elements like:

    • Statuses

    • Smart Links

    • Panels (info, note, warning, error, success)

    • Code blocks

    • Decisions

While we’re excited about these enhancements, we also want to flag a few known issues and our current outlook on when they’ll be addressed.

  • Macro Support

    • Certain macros will now require a tap-to-load experience.

    • We understand that this can be an impediment to your viewing experience, and will continue to prioritize improving the macro viewing experience in the next year.

  • Native Anchors / Links to Headings

    • Deeplinking and scrolling will still be supported, but native anchors and links to headings will no longer be supported with the new viewing experience.

    • Right now, we don’t have anything planned in the next year to address this, as we currently feel like there are plenty of other mountains 🗻 we’ll need to climb this year to deliver value to you, our users!

This new viewing experience will also unlock some of the exciting features we’re cooking up, so give it a try and stay tuned for even more exciting updates in the next few months. If you miss the old experience too much, feel free to revert back within your account settings, though note that we plan to convert all users over to the new experience by Spring of 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at!




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