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Hello Community Members, have you been stuck in a situation where you have to make the progress report of your project when you have a party planned for the same day or a friend's birthday, or temple visit, or anything else. Do not worry more, Confluence is there for you!!

Confluence facilitates us to have better visibility of the progress and sharing the progress of a project with any team is easier.  If Jira is the collaboration tool for software teams, Confluence is the best place to share updates with everyone not using Jira day-to-day.

  • Add a Jira Issue or Filter Macro to Confluence Pages
  • Use the Jira report blueprint to create a changelog or status report
  • Use the Jira chart macro to display data as a chart, including pie charts, created vs resolved, and two-dimensional charts
  • Use Jira gadgets such as Jira Roadmaps, Jira Issues via filters to display detailed Jira reports and charts on pages
  • Use Jira Charts for Confluence add-on to customize and add features to your charts

The following is a handy guide to the different options, tools, tricks, and best practices for Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence reporting integrations. We’ll start with the simplest of integrations and reports, and gradually get more complex. There are some significant differences between Confluence Data Center (DC) and Cloud functionality.

Here are some of the templates that Confluence offers as part of planning and reporting docs in Jira

Out of the Box Jira and Confluence Integrations

☁️ Cloud: Application links are automatically configured between Jira and Confluence under the same site, there is no configuration required if we or the same site, if its a different site under the same Organization or different Organization, Application links must be configured

Data Center: Before you can use any of these macros, your Jira and Confluence applications must be connected via Application Links.

Jira Issue/Filter Macro

You can display a list of issues or a single issue, based on whatever Jira Query Language (JQL) search, filter, or URL you put into the macro. You can also create a new Jira Issue from within the macro, without leaving the Confluence page. Here you’ll also have the option to select and display a recently viewed issue. Finally, there’s even the option to display a count of issues.

Below Macro allows us to add the list of issues from connected Jira sites (Both DC & Cloud) using filters or JQL.


For all the available macros in Confluence type /Jira on your page and add the appropriate macro, below is the list of macros

  • Jira issue/filter macro
  • Jira Charts
  • Jira roadmap (both basic & advanced)
  • Jira roadmap (versions)
  • Jira labels gadget



Create a Jira Report from Template

If you straight away want the out-of-the-box Jira reports that are built when you create the page, go ahead with the Jira report option, you have to either choose the Change log report or the Status report page template to get the report of a project. Find the reference for the Status report of a project in Jira


Once you select the Jira report from the template, you have an option to choose either the Change log report or the Status report


You need to choose the project and page title and the option to choose the fix versions is also available.


Once we have the report created the page will contain the report summary of the project by status, priority, component, issue type




You can create your own charts by selecting one of the charts from the options below:

  • Pie Chart
  • Created vs Resolved
  • Two Dimensional


An example of a two-dimensional chart for a project is shown below


To include the changelog reports, you can manually customize the reports by including the list of issues by either filter or project.


I hope this gives the community a better understanding of how we can showcase the project status in Confluence and how we can use Confluence as a better communication tool to manage the overall status of the project.

Let us know how you are managing Confluence for different purposes.

If you have an interest in managing the reports via add-ons, here is one of the good reference -->


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Srinatha T
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April 17, 2022

@Pramodh M , Thank you for sharing this . I have seen customers asking for this kind of reports. This will help them. I have bookmarked it. 


Srinath T

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