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Preview Azure DevOps Work Items in Confluence and Jira

Want to keep your team on top your work tracked in Azure DevOps? No problem! With Smart Links for Azure DevOps, you can easily add Work Items (i.e. epics, issues, and tasks) directly to your Confluence Pages and Jira tickets. Read more about Smart Links.

Add Azure DevOps epics, issues, and tasks directly on Confluence and Jira

To add an Azure DevOps Smart Link, simply paste the URL link on a Confluence page or type “/link” to insert. Once pasted, you can view the file as a small “inline” link which quickly tells you the link is for an Azure DevOps epic Work Item. In this example, the Work Item is named “Add newsletter button to homepage”.


You can toggle your inline view to a more impactful “card” view where you can see more information about that Azure DevOps Work Item like the number of comments on it, and the time it was last updated.



View your latest Azure DevOps Work Items side-by-side with your technical documentation in Confluence, all on one page!

More Smart Links are coming so stay tuned!


Ken Mawbey September 2, 2021

Hi @Jonno Katahanas just what we need however not working for me with Azure DevOps - any suggestions? 

*Update - now working, not sure why but all good :) 

JarnoP February 23, 2022

Hello @Jonno Katahanas , I really like Smart Links for Azure DevOps, but the UX design needs bit work.

  1. Both the card and inline views take way too much space. Even we are active users of Devops `area path` parameters, showing those in the Smart Links just makes the UX bit cluttered. I vote for removing the Area path information from the Azure Devops Smart Links 
  2. The Smart Link could show the work item type as a small icon in the card / inline view using the DevOps work item icons. Those are clear for people working with DevOps. 
David Russell March 28, 2022

Hi @Jonno Katahanas . This isn't working for me. I click Connect, I see a separate browser tab open and then close, and that's it. I don't see a preview of the connected ticket, and I'm prompted to Connect again.

I've tried doing this in an Incognito window to ensure clean logins. Now when I click Connect I get a separate browser window, and I 'approve' the connection, and login to my DevOps account. However, the same result - the smartlink keeps prompting to Connect.

The url I'm using for the link looks like this:

Are there any other steps I should try?



** Update ** - I have it working now. In case it helps others, I'll explain what I tried. I'm not sure which of these steps is the right solution...

I thought the problem might be because I have two MS accounts with same email address (work and personal accounts), so I added a different MS account to DevOps, an account that also has access to Confluence, but is NOT the account I log into Confluence with. After doing this, the Smart Links worked (while still logged in as original email address account). So that was weird.

I don't want the extra account on DevOps, so I needed a better answer.

I found the Connected Apps config screen on my Atlassian profile (, which had several DevOps connections . I Revoked all the connections, and using an Incognito window logged in to Confluence and DevOps with the original account. I then removed the 'extra' account from DevOps. After this the SmartLinks continue to work as expected. It's basically the same setup as when I started this process, except with the connections now being Revoked and reconnected.

So I'm not sure if the solution was editing accounts on DevOps, Revoking the connections and reconnecting, or some other step amongst doing all that.

I hope this helps someone else.



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