Play swf file in confluence page via swf2js


With the end of support for Adobe Flash Player in 2020, all Flash contents attached in Confluence page can no longer be played. This may have affected some customers, who have been using swf attachments.
Swf2js is a tool that converts swf files to HTML in real time. You can use it to play swf attachments again instead of Adobe Flash Player.


Solution When you have Internet access

  • Enable HTML macro plugin.

  • Create a test page. Upload a sample swf file (sample.swf) to the page.

  • Move to attachments screen, and copy the URL of the uploaded attachment.

  • Insert HTML macro into the test page. Write JS code into the HTML macro as following sample. In the JS code below, the first parameter of the swf2js.load method is the URL copied in the above step.

In the sample JS code, swf2js.js is fetched from the swf2js site (, so Internet access is required. If you do not have Internet access, please refer to the next section.

Solution When you do not have Internet access




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