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Permissions just got a little easier

Confluence is a powerful tool for communication and collaboration when everyone feels they can participate freely and fully. So we are rolling out some permission improvements that we hope will make creating and sharing content easier.

Quickly and more easily adjust permission settings

Confluence is open by default. At times, due to the layers of space permissions and page restrictions, it isn't always obvious who can see your page. We know that our users and admins find debugging permissions errors frustrating and time-consuming. We want to help you quickly unblock those situations, so now you will see error messages that highlight what you need to do to help a teammate view your page.

In addition to the error messages, we have moved the restrictions icon 🔒 next to Share to make it easier to check if your teammate will be able to see the page before you send them the link.

Easily find a space admin who can help you fix access issues

new no space access.gif

Request edit permissions for someone who can only view content in a space

new no edit perms.gif

See which parent page is preventing someone from viewing your page

new no parent access.gif

Tidy up with new deleting options

Delete all or delete none? Admins used to have to make the trade-off when deciding whether to allow users to delete anything in a space, or nothing at all. This prevented you from deleting work you created yourself (pages, blogs, attachments).

With the “Delete Own” permission, you can now delete your own work.

image-20200327-212258 (1) (1).png


🙋🏻‍♀️ Interested? Ask your admin to turn it on for you in Space Permissions. It can be applied to a new or existing space.

⚒ What are Space Permissions? Review them here and learn more about how these permissions work together.

🚮 Worried about deleting content? Page archiving will help you continue to keep your spaces clean without worrying about deleting important information. 

When can I start using these features? 

We started rolling out this week (starting June 25 2020). Stay tuned and let us know if have any feedback! 


Is this Confluence Cloud only? I have so many users that don't understand what restrictions do. They think that it will add permissions. So, having this on server too would be super handy.

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Sachin Rising Star Jun 25, 2020

Thank you for your post @Wei Heng . These are great improvements, do you guys have plans to bring these to Confluence Server ?

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This is very helpful @Wei Heng

I did experienced this issue in my previous job I always debug new users when joining them to the required group but still cannot view the specific page and spaces, this will lessen the problem and prevent any wrong configuration on the user management. but is this applicable to Confluence Cloud only? because I experienced this in Confluence Server.

Thank you so much.

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Wei Heng Atlassian Team Jun 26, 2020

Hi everyone! 

Really happy that you think this feature would be helpful for users. 

The messaging within the page restrictions dialog that highlights when errors occur is applicable to Confluence Cloud only. However, Confluence Server has a feature that will allow you to see who can view a page. Perhaps that will help? It was also announced recently. Check it out here:

The Delete Own permission is actually available on both Confluence Cloud and Server. 

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I'm not seeing the "Delete Own" option in space permissions (we are cloud.)  Is there a way to tell if/when this has been enabled for our account other than just seeing it pop up?  I don't want to open a needless ticket if it has not been applied yet.

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"we have moved the restrictions icon 🔒 next to Share to make it easier to check"

PLEASE stop moving the deck chairs on the Titanic!!

Clicking on the right side of the screen c.f. clicking near the title is not any "easier"

If you want to do anything with Restrictions::

1.  Reopen and fix Edit Inheritance

2. Improve the colours of the  lock itself which will make it clearer

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'Delete Own' is a good feature. Much appreciated

Much needed..

hi @Wei Heng , how do we turn on Delete Own in Space Permissions? I do not see the option to turn it on. Is this feature still in the process of being rolled out to all Atlassian sites? 

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Wei Heng Atlassian Team Jul 08, 2020

Hi everyone! 

We are still in the process of rolling out these features. They are available to some tenants already and more of you should see and be able to use them in the coming weeks. 

Thanks for your patience. 

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Wei Heng Atlassian Team Aug 17, 2020

@Tony Morrison we have completed the rollout of this "Delete Own" feature. You should be able to turn it on from any space's Space Permissions screen now.  

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Thanks for the update!

Any action in hand at Atlassian about these two real improvements

1.  Reopen and fix Edit Inheritance

2. Improve the colours of the  lock itself which will make it clearer

@Rodney Hughes- they've shut down the first one as "won't do", with a long explanation.

Second one is still "gathering interest" (For what it's worth, I voted - I'd like to be able to see more info from the padlock)


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