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No Question Left Behind Contest: Winners for November, Prize Announcement for December!!

By now, we hope you are familiar with the No Question Left Behind contest, in which we award increasingly awesome prizes to the top 3 Community members who have answered the most Confluence questions each month! 


The winners for the month of November are no surprise! A robust thanks and hearty congratulations to the following Confluence whiz kids:
  1. @Brant Schroeder 

  2. @Kishan Sharma 

  3. @Fabian Lim 


These super/rock stars will receive a set of board games curated by our very own Monique van den Berg! How much fun will that be for our winners and their teams/friends/family?! Thank you SO much for your contributions to the Confluence Community! 


This month we're going to add in honorable mentions for @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ with 58 answers, and @Matthias Gaiser _K15t_with 47 answers! You can expect to see your kudos bump up by 100 points each!

Prize for December

As we wrap up the year, we continue the team fun theme with a prize that will level up on your team (or friend or family) activities: well hook you up with an online escape room experience for you and a group of up to 7 of your teammates/friends/family members! Never experienced an online escape room? You can check it out here
Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 4.33.55 PM.png



And remember, we’ve just rolled over the kudos quarterly leaderboard and the “No Question Left Behind” badge is still available! Earn 100 bonus kudos per day for answering Confluence questions to earn this badge. (Not in the kudos beta yet? You can request to join here.)

Watch this space for Monique’s weekly leaderboard of the top 20. And good luck!


Congrats @Brant Schroeder@Kishan Sharma & @Fabian Lim!
Have fun playing all the board games!

And thank you for prompting me with the board games for more activity in the community again. I'm trying to keep up my active commitment more than I've done in the past.

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Kishan Sharma Community Leader Dec 02, 2021

Thank you @Mandy Ross and Congratulations @Brant_Do_Not_Use and @Fabian Lim !! 

@Matthias Gaiser _K15t_ Happy to see you in the top 5 with 47 answers, keep up the great work :)

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Congrats everyone!

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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 07, 2021

Welcome to your first December NQLB leaderboard! Lots of new faces and we love to see it. Here are the folks in the running to win an Escape Room experience for their team!

  1. @Vero Rivas 
  2. @Fabian Lim 
  3. @Bill Bailey 
  4. @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 
  5. @Kishan Sharma 
  6. @Andy Gladstone 
  7. @Katerina Kovriga _Stiltsoft_ 
  8. @Dominic Lagger 
  9. @Darryl Lee 
  10. @Radek Dostál 
  11. @Florian PEREZ 
  12. @Tansu Akdeniz 
  13. @James Conway _Appfire_ 
  14. @Alex Medved _ConfiForms_ 
  15. @Matthias Gaiser _K15t_ 
  16. @Aron Gombas _Midori_ 
  17. @Dave Mathijs 
  18. @Matt Gurney 
  19. @Alexander Wirtz 
  20. @Sven Schatter _K15t_ 
  21. @Benjamin 
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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 14, 2021

Welcome to this week's leaderboard! Before I get to this week's superstars, I have an exciting surprise.

Last month's prize was a set of collaborative boardgames and Jeff Morrow, the designer of the out-of-print co-op game Battle of Greyport was gracious enough to send along two copies. @Matthias Gaiser _K15t_ and @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_, I will be sending a copy to each of you as a thank you for your participation last month!

And now here is our top 20, everyone with 5 or more Confluence answers in December.  The escape room prize is going to be awesome, so don't miss it!

  1. @Fabian Lim 
  2. @Bill Bailey 
  3. @Kishan Sharma 
  4. @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 
  5. @Vero Rivas 
  6. @Brant Schroeder (new!)
  7. @Jack Brickey (new!)
  8. @Andy Gladstone 
  9. @Katerina Kovriga _Stiltsoft_ 
  10. @Dominic Lagger 
  11. @florianper 
  12. @Alexander Wirtz 
  13. @Irina Belaya_Stiltsoft_ (new!)
  14. @Radek Dostál 
  15. @James Conway _Comalatech_
  16. @Ollie Guan_携程_ 
  17. @Patrick Vanhoof (new!)  
  18. @Sven Schatter _K15t_ 
  19. @Darryl Lee 
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Monique vdB Community Manager Dec 21, 2021

Happy Leaderboard day! here are the leaders for this week, in the running for the escape room prize. Congratulations to all the new names on the list, we love to see it! 

  1. @Fabian Lim 
  2. @Bill Bailey 
  3. @Kishan Sharma 
  4. @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 
  5. @Vero Rivas 
  6. @Brant Schroeder  
  7. @Jack Brickey  
  8. @Andy Gladstone 
  9. @Katerina Kovriga _Stiltsoft_ 
  10. @Pramodh M (new!)
  11. @Laura Holton (new!) 
  12. @Ollie Guan 
  13. @Dominic Lagger 
  14. @Radek Dostál 
  15. @Suvradip Paul (new!)
  16. @Vishwas (new!)
  17. @Patrick Vanhoof 
  18. @florianper 
  19. @Irina Belaya_Stiltsoft_ 
  20. @Alex Medved _ConfiForms_ (new!) 
  21. @Kristin Lyons (new!) 
  22. @Alexander Wirtz 
  23.  @Robby Holtmann_IntraFind Software AG_ (new!) 
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Pramodh M Community Leader Dec 21, 2021

Thanks, @Mandy Ross @Monique vdB & Congrats Everyone!!

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Bridget Community Manager Dec 28, 2021

Hi Community! Happy holidays / leaderboard day! Not sure which is more exciting :). Shoutout to all the fabulous leaders for this week, in the running for the escape room prize:

  1. @Fabian Lim 
  2. @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ 
  3. @Bill Bailey 
  4. @Brant Schroeder  
  5. @Kishan Sharma 
  6. @Vero Rivas 
  7. @Jack Brickey  
  8. @Andy Gladstone 
  9. @Katerina Kovriga _Stiltsoft_ 
  10. @Laura Holton 
  11. @Pramodh M 
  12. @Vishwas N M 
  13. @Ollie Guan 
  14. @Alex Medved _ConfiForms_
  15. @Radek Dostál 
  16.  @Kristin Lyons
  17. @Suvradip Paul 
  18. @Irina Belaya_Stiltsoft_ 
  19. @Patrick Vanhoof 
  20. @Gaurav (new!)
  21. @florianper 

Cheers, and happy new year! 🥂

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