Migrators - you can now bulk convert legacy editor pages to the new editor!

Hey community!

My name is Steven Bao, and I’m a Product Manager on the Confluence Cloud team. We’ve been working on the capability to bulk convert legacy editor content to the new editor and are excited to announce that we are in process of rolling out!

If you are a recent migrator from server/DC, you may have noticed that your migrated content stayed in the legacy editor. Today, you are able to convert pages from the legacy editor to the new editor, but only on a single page basis. With this functionality you will be able to bulk convert eligible content (some content, such as nesting is not supported in the new editor) from the legacy editor to the new editor on a space or site basis.

This will allow you to more easily take advantage of the many new functionalities the new editor has as well as set you up for the exciting future additions planned!

How do I enable this?

Bulk Convert Eligible Legacy Pages in a Space

  1. You must be a space admin to enable this at a space level. Navigate to:

    1. Space Settings → Manage Space → Convert Pages

    2. Toggle on “Convert Pages Automatically”

Screen Shot 1401-12-11 at 16.23.23 (1) (2).jpg

Bulk Convert Eligible Legacy Pages in a Site

  1. You must be a site admin to enable this at a site level. Navigate to:

    1. Site Administration → Further Configuration

    2. Check “Convert Pages Automatically”

Screenshot 1402-03-15 at 14.59.05 (1) (1).png

What do users see?

When this setting is enabled, all eligible pages in the space/site will display using the new render in view mode, as well as the new editor in edit mode. Users will receive a notification of this conversion the first time they land on a page that was bulk converted.

Reverting Changes

  • Users will be able to revert the change from the dropdown menu in the top right hand corner if the page has not been published (in both view and edit). If the page has been published, they will need to revert from page history.

  • This change is also able to be reverted at the space or site level, but will not revert pages that have been published since bulk conversion.


Eligibility mainly depends on if the page does not contain nested bodied macros, as they are incompatible with the new editor. There are also some minor changes during conversion to certain macros described here: https://support.atlassian.com/confluence-cloud/docs/convert-pages-to-the-new-editor/

At this time, we will also be excluding conversion of pages created in cloud using the legacy template or pages that were converted to the fabric editor but reverted as we do not want to convert pages that are desired to be in the legacy editor at this point.

Try it out

We’d love for you and your teams to try this functionality out and and let us know what you think in the comments below.

If you don't yet see this option today, you'll see it coming to your instance within the next few weeks. As a reminder, you must be a space admin to enable this on a space level, or a site admin to enable this on a site level.

For more information about migrating to cloud, visit the Atlassian Migration Program, and get started on creating a plan now!


David Berclaz
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 31, 2023

Thanks for this new feature! Rollout still in progress on my instance: I can see the feature at the space level, but not yet at the site level.

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Matt Reiner _K15t_
Marketplace Partner
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August 8, 2023

Love this @Steven Bao! Looks like everyone gets more beautiful pages in Confluence!
🎥 https://www.youtube.com/shorts/Xq2OxdwHcYI


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