🔦 Feature spotlight: Atlassian AI in Confluence

👋🏼 Hi again! Ellie from the Confluence Product Marketing team. 

This month, we’re spotlighting one of our newer additions to Confluence: Atlassian Intelligence.

When you think of AI, you may be quick to think of generative AI thanks to popular tools like ChatGPT. This is certainly one of the many Atlassian Intelligence features we introduced back in December, but the power of AI extends far beyond content generation in Confluence to help teams work faster, smarter, and better.

Here are a few of our favorite ways Atlassian AI supercharges productivity, workflows, and collaboration in Confluence.


:ai: Generative

You know this one! When in the Confluence editor, you can ask Atlassian AI to help you write content to speed up your work.


Popular prompts include:
:ai: “Find action items” to scan the page and pull out important action items.
:ai: “Summarize writing” to include a quick summary that your team will surely appreciate.
:ai: “Brainstorm with AI for when you just need a buddy to bounce around some new ideas.
:ai: “Suggest a title” to help you pick a page title that’s clear and representative of the page content.

When it comes to AI prompts, the sky is the limit! Get clever with your prompts and lean on Atlassian AI to help generate all of the content you need.

:ai: Improve writing

A close cousin to generative AI, the improve writing function of Atlassian AI will help you edit your content to match your desired tone, length, and audience so that you’re always putting your best foot forward when it comes to sharing your work.

Ask AI to fix any grammar and spelling mistakes, edit your content to be more professional / casual / educational in tone, or ask it to make it shorter (this one’s for you, marketers :wink:).


:ai: Page summaries

Unlike the “summarize writing” prompt in the editor, this AI feature is for the readers. Perfect for those 15 page strategy docs that you just need to skim through, AI Summary will do the leg work for you so you can skip the 10-minute read and just get the TL;DR.


:ai: Automations

Buckle up, because this one is a game-changer! Atlassian AI can also assist you in creating your Confluence Automations to boost productivity even more.



:email:Want to send out a reminder email to task assignees every Monday with their upcoming deadlines for the week?
:alert: Want to archive inactive pages after 6 months and alert the page creators?
:jira: Want to auto-create a Jira ticket every time a page is published that follows a specific Product Spec title?




All of this is possible for you to quickly set up in Confluence using Atlassian AI in Automations. Instead of setting up your automations manually, let Atlassian AI do the heavy lifting for you to set up these automations for you by simply describing what you wish to automate.


This is just the beginning! The Confluence team and Atlassian AI team are hard at work to bring even more deep AI functionality to Confluence in the future. Get ahead of the curve and try Atlassian AI today.

Have you tried Atlassian AI in Confluence yet? Let us know in the comments below 👇🏼 We love hearing from our users and how they are using Confluence.

'Till next time ✌🏼❤️,


Aron Gombas _Midori_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 10, 2024

Hmm, the post is full of missing emojis (I guess).

Emily Bullough June 11, 2024

Is it possible to turn off Page Summaries at the site level? We are using the site for internal documentation and procedures. I don't want staff following an AI generated summary...I need them following the procedures as written. Thank you!


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