Creating Better Relationships in a World full of Internet Connections

One of my favorite movies is called "The World is Big, and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner," - a Bulgarian film co-produced with Slovenia, Germany, and Hungary. A beautiful map of meaning, representing the simple but essential truths of life.


You may be wondering why I start a Confluence article with such reference? I'm opening this conversation to the perspective of "making the world a better place" - part of the February Authors challenge and result of @Bridget's sufficient imagination about Atlassian products usage.


In a world gone wild, sometimes we feel like strangers to our closest friends and closer to people we know only because the internet exists. And before changing the world, we should probably think about changing and appreciating ourselves and others. What a better way to know someone than… blogging! 


* dramatic music playing *


But ... why?!


In my story, I involve the good ol’ team, and especially the remote team that slightly remembers what a live “team-building” means. After seeing various use cases, I can admit that every company needs a Confluence Team-Space. Preferably a Confluence-Team-Blog-Space. If you want to reach perfection: a Confluence-Personal-Team-Blog-Space.

Focusing on your team is important, but the most important is focusing on humans. There is a whole unknown world behind each high-performing individual, and no better way to find more about someone than let them share. Adding a fun-vibe to the tools we use in our daily jobs may improve collaboration, company culture, and even product knowledge.


Think of having a Confluence space for your team to share:


🤍  Their recent life achievements.

🤍  The book that someone is so fascinated about.

🤍  Last weekend's epic mountain trail.

🤍  Cat pics.

🤍  Share ideas for the next team-building (hopefully!)

🤍  MORE cat pics.

You name it (smile)


And turn this:



To that:



Don't wait for the Spring to bring warmth to your days!




Community Manager
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February 17, 2021

This is awesome! I love Confluence as a way of getting little windows into the interesting lives of your coworkers. Thanks for sharing @Teodora _Old Street Solutions_Tempo_ !

Teodora _Old Street Solutions_Tempo_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 18, 2021

Thanks, @Bridget

Sadly, this project is still living in my team-work dreams, but I hope to establish it soon enough and show my coworkers that there is another life than tasks and stories :)


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