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Copy a hierarchy of pages in Confluence Cloud

Hi everyone! I’m Tim, a Confluence Cloud product manager. I’m excited to announce that we’ve shipped a long-requested improvement that will help you be more productive in Confluence:

Copy page hierarchy (CONFCLOUD-2814)
It’s certainly a long-lived ticket and we’re thrilled to finally mark this one as shipped! 🎂

Previously, copying a hierarchy of pages in Confluence Cloud was a cumbersome task requiring each page to be copied manually one by one. Now in just a few clicks you can copy a hierarchy within the same space or to another space. These improvements also make it easier to streamline repeatable processes by treating a tree of pages as a template.


When copying a hierarchy of pages you can choose to include labels, permissions, and optionally rename the page titles with a text prefix or find and replace.

Gain greater control through Atlassian Marketplace apps

If you’re looking for even more advanced copy functionality, there are many apps on the Atlassian Marketplace that offer greater control, including those from Artemis, BrizoIT, Bordant Technologies and Adaptavist. This includes more advanced bulk renaming techniques, cherry-picking particular pages to copy, customizing individual page titles, and more. Search for “copy page” on the Atlassian Marketplace to find apps and learn more.


We hope you enjoy this new functionality as much as we do!


Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Feb 01, 2021

Thanks for sharing @Tim Clipsham ! This sounds like a really useful feature in Confluence Cloud. Will this also be available for Confluence Server/DC?

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Tim Clipsham Atlassian Team Feb 01, 2021

@Taranjeet Singh thanks! Yep, it's actually been a Confluence Server/DC feature since ~2016.

Matt Reiner _K15t_ Marketplace Partner Feb 02, 2021

Always the bearer of the best news, @tim Thanks for sharing.

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Great news!  Is there still a cap at 500 child pages when copying?

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Deleted user Feb 11, 2021

Hello! Is this "Copy Page Tree" by Artemis or an Atlassian offering?  I'm unable to see any new app.  Copy Page Tree certainly isn't new and has been around since 2014 (and costs money).  I'm sure I'm missing something...?

Amazing news. This will be so useful when duplicating whole spaces which we have to do from time to time.

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@Tim Clipsham this is perfect! Thanks for sharing! I set up couple of "template spaces" using this feature. Now we can quickly start the new space from the template... great productivity improvement for the customers that create similar Confluence spaces often. 

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Tim Clipsham Atlassian Team Feb 16, 2021

@Kevin Krafft yes, currently there's still a cap at 500 pages.

@[deleted] It's an official Atlassian feature that is now part of Confluence Cloud out-of-the-box. When there are child pages under the page you're viewing, the option to copy child pages will be visible in the "Copy" dialog which you can open via the "3 dots" overflow menu. Apps, such as those from Artemis, add more advanced copy functionality giving you more control than what's available out-of-the-box in Confluence.

@Tim Clipsham: I wanted to thank you for bringing this feature into the fold and following up with us to make this a reality.


So can you compare this to the older Copy Page Tree plug-in? Is there 100% overlap or features that one has that the other does not? 

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Tim Clipsham Atlassian Team Feb 28, 2021

Thanks @Glenn Huang!

With an app installed, the core copy functionality in Confluence still remains available to use. This means you can have the best of both worlds and use whichever solution best fits your needs, even if the app installed doesn't overlap completely. In general, I've seen that most apps do overlap and add additional functionality but I'll let the Marketplace app partners share any further details regarding the apps they've built and how they can help.

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You have GOT to be kidding!!!

So close but so far ....

From what I can see, you have forgotten (despite my various comments in various posts) two copy option selections:

  • Copy with Attachments
  • Copy with Comments
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Tim Clipsham Atlassian Team Mar 01, 2021

Hi @Rodney Hughes, thanks for raising this. I've replied on CONFCLOUD-2814 as well but I'll share it here as well for this audience too and to get more attention on your request.

Regarding attachments, these are included in the copy. For comments, however, they are not included in the copy - we weren’t able to include this in the scope of what we shipped. In transparency, at this stage adding an option to copy comments isn’t on our roadmap which I can understand is hard to hear given you hoped for more in this feature release.

I’ve created a new issue on your behalf to capture this and to gauge broader interest from Atlassian customers. Please feel free to add anything to the ticket that I've missed or any further details on the specific use cases you have that will help us better understand the need. (comments option) (attachments option)

If anybody else shares this need, please watch/vote and share any details you can about how it would help you in a comment at the link above.

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@Tim Clipsham 

Thanks for responding.

But this is classic example of Atlassian not listening to or understanding customer feedback ... 😒😕

Now we have to wait for who knows how many years for a bog standard obvious feature for copying (or choosing not to copy) content from one place to another.

Yes, Attachments is automatically included ... but what if I didn't want to copy all the attachments so I could start a new set of "clean pages" for a different group of Users needing the same "template" of page structure .. I am forced to go through each of (dozens/hundreds?) of pages to delete all the attachments one-by-one!!

Copy Page Tree plug in did it PERFECTLY with tick box options ... surely you looked at what was "out there" as things Users would (reluctantly) pay for as just obvious features to do basic tasks.


Like Dan Winkler likes this

as I have said here: 

When you've been sold a 4-wheel car with two missing tyres, it is no time to pat the seller on the back because you finally got cup-holders!! 

Not being able to exclude attachments is just as bad as not being able to include attachments 🤦‍♂️

The four Copy options should be to select/not select

  • Copy Attachments  
  • Copy Comments
  • Copy Restrictions
  • Copy Labels

Everyone ... whilst you may see Copy Hierarchy as a great jump forward (despite having taking 15 years to be done) ...... please jump onto these two other issues and vote, vote, vote, vote .... (comments option) (attachments option)

As the Copy Page Tree plugin can provide these options, surely Atlassian themselves can do it ... and do it quickly without the need for extensive "gathering interest" ... it is just OBVIOUS it should be fixed immediately.

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Leslie Gilbert Marketplace Partner Mar 08, 2021

@Glenn Huang I am here from Artemis Software with a link to our Page where we go over the features to compare our Copy Page Tree & the new Atlassian Copy a Hierarchy of pages. Here is a quick screenshot that goes over a few of the features that we provide. We are happy to go over any additional details or questions anyone has. Our portal is available if you'd like to ask questions off this page. 

CPT features.png

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@Leslie Gilbert 


CPT has served us (me) EXTREMELY WELL in our Server instance.

I see you have a couple of new option features so I am looking forward to updating that version.

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@Leslie Gilbert Thank you! That, in a nutshell, is exactly what I needed to understand. Much appreciated. :) 

@Tim Clipsham as you mentioned templates in your post, I need to mention that for this to work, macros also need to be prepared to be used in templates. There aree still macros - I think the task report is a good example - that require a space or page hard wired in the macro configuration. You can't even save the macro if the space or page is not valid.

With this linitation, those macros are useless for page templates.

It's very frustrating to hit those roadblock again and again.

Are there any plans to go through all the out-of-the-box macros and fix that?

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Tim Clipsham Atlassian Team Jun 08, 2021

@Arnd Layer that's a great point. I've had a look through and I've found varying levels of support with macros for relative references (e.g. "Current space") vs. absolute references to a specific space/page. For example, the task report supports "Current space", but doesn't support "Current page".

There aren't any plans to improve this at this stage, however I'll pass this feedback onto the teams here that own these macro experiences.

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@Tim Clipsham Is this feature available via Confluence Cloud REST API?  I can't locate it there and fear that this is another console-only feature. As much as I hate to rain on Atlassian's parade, and I suspect this is useful for many, it falls into the same old theme for me - please help us use your platform (via REST API) to do business OUR way, not YOUR way.  Some of us out here need automation and Atlassian has been notoriously ignorant or apathetic to customers' needs.  Exposing more of the very same API that your UI sits upon would be truly beneficial to us.  I know you have/will push this up the chain. Many thanks!! 

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I'm so happy to hear about this enhancement.  We are just initiating a project to migrate from legacy Server version to Cloud and this capability missing was a pain point.  Our teams copy a page including children, labels, etc. routinely at the start of a project (as we like to have all the page templates copy with their relevant heirarchy).   Thank you!  I'll mark this off the gaps list!

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@Carrie Bonnell 

Are you really giving up Server and moving to Cloud?

You could stay on Server even though it won't have anymore upgrades.  That is what our association is doing having upgraded to the latest version we are happy with (jumped from 7.2.1 to 7.17.1) .  If it works, don't fix it ...

word to the wise ... I hope you have well considered the HUGE amount of lost or seriously impaired functionality in the Cloud Editor tool bar... your users could be seriously impacted and annoyed. 🤦‍♂️😞

@Rodney Hughes - yes, we are moving to the Cloud.  As an enterprise-level tool and heavy use of Confluence and JIRA, we don't want to accept the risks of being on a support-sunset platform.  There are other organizational justifications as well.  There are some additional capabilities, particularly with JIRA Cloud we are looking to employ.  I'm curious about the lost functionality you mention in the Cloud Editor tool.  Since every organization has specific use cases, would you be open to sharing more about your experience with this?

@Carrie Bonnell 

I understand the risk side .. our global industry association (>7000 users in thousands of different organisations world wide) has been using SERVER since 2010 ... very happy

We have just updated to Server 7.17.1 (from 7.2.1) - we were thinking about an upgrade anyway but the "last support" date forced our hand.

But since it has been working FINE for us, "if it isn't broken, don't fix it".
Our system host says he has a client still using Server 3!!

We considered moving to Data Center .. but the cost options were outrageous for our Not-For-Profit status we enjoy with our Server licence.

But we SPECIFICALLY decided we will NEVER move to Cloud! 
At least not whilst they stick with all the things they have disabled, removed or cut down in Cloud. 

.. and I also have my own Company Cloud instance so I have seen all the hassles in direct comparison!

A couple of times I have used the Industry association Server system to create the page content, then copy/pasted over into my Cloud instance!!

The Cloud editor is a nightmare (IMHO) but supported by hundreds of other complaints in direct response to Atlassian trying to spruik up their Cloud ...

You can start with "minor" things like the font colour palette  and work up from there. Now only 21 colours instead of 40 in Server (Cloud was previously the same with 40) .. in contrast to some who want full RGB control

Simple things like inserting Symbols has disappeared

Tables have become a hassle

Saving pages is not a bit of a trick to think about how you want to save the edits vs publishing ....

Your page templates won't transfer over .. you will be forced to use the new Cloud Editor. 

I am fortunate that my Cloud instance has many old pages where I had created my own Template .. I can still select that Template but they have warned the ability to select Templates with the old Editor will be cut off.

Or removing the Companion App for "Edit in Word" capability .. basically done with 3 months notice and NOTHING created in its place with ensuing complaints on their "announcement" page ...

As you can see in those two, there is a HUGE call to bring back the so-called Legacy Editor in Cloud for all sorts of reasons ... TOO many to keep track of!  
But have fun reading through all the other outstanding NEW bugs/hassles THEY HAVE CREATED in the Cloud change a couple of years ago and continuing .. i.e. apart from all the bug fixes and IMPROVEMENTS Users have been calling for for in some cases for nigh on a decade as you will see in the Community forum  ...

Individually they could be seen as "insignificant impact" (who needs one million font colours?), but I can assure you that your Server Users WILL notice all sorts of things not working as well or at all as they used to.

Don't get me wrong .. I LOVE CONFLUENCE!!

But I just can't see any sense in knowing Server, deciding to change to an impaired and restricted functionality Cloud.

If it is your very first Confluence usage .. "it is what it is" and you won't have been "tainted" with the power of what Server or Data Centre provide ... so you can battle away in ignorance .. not quite blissful ignorance because you will soon start asking about why you can't do this or that ...

My recommendation if you don't want to run the risk of staying with Server (especially if you missed the last Server update deadline in Feb) .... go Data Centre!!


Sorry for the long rant ...




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