Confluence Hidden Gems - The Attachments Macro


Riddling Confluence Hidden Gems

  • I bring value inform of order to the page, a list I do create, Of files attached, for easy access, no need to wait.
  • I vanish from the scene, and chaos takes its hold, Documents scattered, a story yet untold.

What am I?

  • The Attachments Macro

Real World Scenario:

A software development team uses Confluence to document product features.

Each feature page includes relevant user stories, technical specifications, and design mockups.

With Attachments Macro, the team uses the Attachments macro to display all user stories, specifications, and mockups directly on the feature page.

Developers have a clear overview of all relevant files and can download them with a single click.

Updates are streamlined, as changes are made to the uploaded files within Confluence itself.

Clear Overview:

  • Offering Clear Overview instead of relying on scattered links or file mentions within the Confluence page content, the Attachments macro displays a centralized list of all user stories, specifications, and mockups. This list can be formatted with options like thumbnails for images or file sizes for documents, giving developers a quick visual understanding of the attached files.
  • Simplified access with the attachments displayed directly on the feature page, developers no longer need to search for files in separate locations or navigate through complex folder structures.
  • They can simply click on the desired attachment within the macro list to download it directly. This eliminates the time and frustration associated with hunting down documents.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Confluence tracks version history for all uploaded files. This allows developers to revert to previous versions if needed or see the evolution of a document over time.
  • Access to attachments can be controlled with Confluence's permission settings. This ensures only authorized users can view or download sensitive documents.
  • By utilizing the Attachments macro, the product development team can achieve a more efficient and organized workflow. The macro promotes better visibility, easier access, and streamlined updates for all the crucial documents associated with a feature, ultimately contributing to a smoother development process.


For further details, please refer to the help guide - Insert the attachments macro | Confluence Cloud | Atlassian Support


Without Attachments Macro, each document or image is mentioned within the page content, with links to separate file locations.

This can be confusing for developers needing to access multiple files. Additionally, managing updates for these documents requires editing multiple locations.


PS: This article is based on my own thoughts and experiences but may also incorporate information and insights from various research outcomes, articles, blogs, user guides, and other open-source materials.



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