Confluence Content Management: Part 5

Scenario Creation Steps

Let’s build the structure discussed in the previous section. (Don’t forget to consider the standards (requirements) labeled A-F.)

Each step shows an image of a hierarchical diagram. The diagram evolves as steps are completed.

Step 1

Standard: A (See the key in the previous section.)
Instructions: Create a global space for the HR department. This first step is represented in the image below.


Confluence automatically creates an overview page or “home page” at the same time.


Step 2

Standard: B
Instructions: Create three Confluence pages

Based on the requirements each global space needs:

  • a page to display leader contact details,

  • an FAQ page so common questions are documented,

  • and an index page to help users navigate the space.

Think of the green level as the “grandparent” level.


Step 3

Standard: E
Instructions: The HR team has multiple audiences, so let’s categorize pages by who they’re intended for. The diagram shows a section for employees and another section for team members.


Please continue to the next section for additional creation steps.

Part 6: Scenario Creation Steps (Continued)



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