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A faster 🚀 way to add links to text in Confluence

If you love to create links in text, you will be pleased to hear we’ve introduced a new shortcut!

When you have a URL copied to your clipboard, you can now simply highlight the text you want hyperlinked and paste over it! Bam. New cat link.

LinkShortcut_v2 (1).gif

When copying and pasting a Smart Link from the page you have a few options:

  1. Click “Edit Link”. Copy the URL. Then paste.

  2. Copy the URL from another open tab/window.

  3. Right-click on the Smart Link and choose “copy link address”.

And for those of you all about the fancy lifestyle but unfamiliar with Smart Links, check out how they work. Hopefully, you enjoy this new trick!


Robert Milner March 17, 2021

Why have you chosen to hijack a system standard hotkey? I'd appreciate the ability to shut this off. Command + K already provides me with enough link functionality. This change does not work for me. :(

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Nazar Yurystovskyy March 18, 2021

@Robert Milner What are you saying? No standard hotkeys were hijacked. Cmd+A, Cmd+C, Cmd+V are standard hotkeys. This feature I find quite handy.

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Robert Milner March 18, 2021

@Nazar Yurystovskyy Why not make it Cmd+K without the modal? If the user wants the modal, they click the now formatted link to edit it. Highlighted text and Cmd-V is standard system functionality that Atlassian chose to override. That override is jarring from a content editor perspective when it's worked one way my entire life and continues to work that way in every other computer application. I'm asking for the ability to shut it off, you can have it enabled.  

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Natalia March 19, 2021

looks dumb tbh. I want to be able to distinguish when I want to make a selected text linkable vs when I want to replace the selected text with another any random string of my choice. In both cases Confluence suggests to use cmd+V which will create a lot of confusion. 

I already need to remember that cmd+K is pasting a link in most applications, yet in Slack this is jumping to & they just didn't even add a shortcut to making a selected text linkable, which is really poor UX. Why Confluence PM wants to make the same mistake is beyond my understanding atm

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matthew March 31, 2021

It only takes one second to hit Cmd-K and then enter. What problem are we solving here?

I'm going to echo the other comments here. Taking over THE oldest, most commonly known shortcut (cmd-V)? This breaks common sense. Please revert. 

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Mairis October 21, 2021

@Magda BytnerowiczIs it available for Jira/Confluence Data center versions? If not  then what would be a possible ETA?


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