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Atlassian - double down on Whiteboard and you can dominate the market

Sean Blezard May 17, 2024

Atlassian seems to be spreading itself widely over a huge product surface area (look at the Team'24 announcement roster) while neglecting key features or UX improvements that can make a difference.

I hope Whiteboards is getting a lot of attention internally because it has the potential to dominate a market—the market currently occupied by Mural, Miro, Lucid Charts, and so on. Those tools have many advanced features, but in some ways, they are overkill for people's needs. A lot of people want shapes, arrows, post-it notes, and icons.

Whiteboard pricing (based on an upgrade from standard to premium Confluence) decimates the equivalent pricing from Lucid or Miro (up to 10x cheaper). One of the companies I work with is exploring this opportunity on an 800-1000 seat decision.

What we have today is good, although it has annoying bugs like uploading a transparent PNG creates a not-transparent PNG on the board 🤬.

What would I love to see to cement this tool as the 'no-brainer' choice for Confluence users?


1. Support for Safari on the Mac - "Your browser is not fully supported" is not a good look.

2. Support this app in the iPad app or the iPad browser. Mural offers a weak experience on the iPad, while Miro's is almost equivalent to the desktop. One use case I see is using a whiteboard as a collaborative design or story mapping tool for an epic or initiative. You can link the board straight from the Jira issue (good work there). But try viewing it on your phone or iPad—forget about it. 

3. A colour-choosable icon library like Mural offers - where we can drop a wide range of icons into diagrams on boards. Even Miro doesn't offer this - it's library of icons is weak.

4. No silly bugs like the transparent PNG glitches

5. Tables - it's something Miro does well, but Mural does not.

6. Nested sections (to be fair, outlines in Mural/Miro don't even offer this).


So, where's the roadmap for Whiteboards? Where can we see what you are working on? 



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Kristian Klima
Rising Star
Rising Star
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May 17, 2024


The phenomenon of Apple releasing a feature that supplants or obviates third-party software is so well known that being Sherlocked has become an accepted term used within the Mac and iOS developer community

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Matt Richards May 17, 2024

Confluence whiteboards will not dominate the market until they address the significant misstep in their pricing. Unfortunately they don't seem to be listening on this one.

Sean Blezard May 18, 2024

I've been in the Apple community since 2002, and I remember the Sherlock app. I'm pretty sure I bought it. You are right that Apple has implemented its versions of features and apps into the base products they sell.

Atlassian making the same play with Databases (Airtable) and Whiteboards (Licid, Miro, Mural etc).

The fact is that companies struggle to justify Miro and Mural pricing at scale when they already have Confluence.

The same thing happens with Slack.. So many companies us it in the tech teams but use O365 for that whole business.

Sean Blezard May 18, 2024

Limiting a core feature to premium is a divisive move, for sure, but even with it the cost is a fraction of adding licenses for rival collaborative whiteboarding tools. 

Sean Blezard May 18, 2024

Selfishly, I just want a collaborative whiteboarding and diagramming tool thag everyone uses that works well on the iPad (including when its docked on a keyboard and trackpad)

Emily Ditchfield
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
May 19, 2024

Hi @Sean Blezard

Really appreciate you taking the time to write this feedback and detail. Myself and the team would be really keen to chat with you about your use cases and hear more feedback if you have the time. I can shoot you an email with more details if you're interested?

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Sean Blezard May 19, 2024

Hi, @emily I am really interested and happy to put aside as much time as needed.

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Sean Blezard June 18, 2024

@Emily Ditchfield how’s work on the transparent png bug going? 

Emily Ditchfield
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
June 18, 2024

@Sean Blezard We're in the process of rolling out transparency, you should have it soon!

Shawn Doyle - ReleaseTEAM
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 21, 2024

To add to @Sean Blezard ;s list.  Backup and locking.

1. If I could snap a version of a whiteboard and revert to old versions, that would save me a lot of headaches.

2. If we could assign owners who can lock/unlock the board or sections of the board.

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