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Marco Volken December 19, 2023

When trying to insert using the forward slash ("/") and typing "database" there is only one option to "Create database". No options for entries or to embed existing databases:

DB Beta Tests 02.png

I am pretty sure, there were more "database" options once. Are they coming back?

Also I am missing a macro to create a new database entry in an existing database. Is this option still available? Idealy this macro should be configurable, so that the user does not have to select the database every time the macro is executed. I want to be able to set the database for which a new entry shall be created in the settings of the macro.


Regarding the configuration possibilities of database views I numbered this screenshot to help illustrate:

DB Beta Tests 01.png

1) Is there a possibility to define the size (height) of the embedding frame? It would be nice to have that option and if the database would automatically resize itself, incl. pagination.

2) Is there a possibility to define the width per field, so that fields with shorter data can be configured to be smaller? By default they are always all the exact same width.

3) If the database contains a lot of entries, the scrollbar becomes longer and longer. Is there no option to enable pagination? Pagination should be configurable, to be able to select the amount of entries per page.

4) The "add entry" link only appears after the last entry. Again, if the database contains a lot of entries you have to scroll down all the way to create a new entry. Could you create alternate ways to add an entry? E.g. adding a link to the database menu (the three dots) or adding an icon next to the search field?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Rebecca Dai
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 5, 2024

Hi @Marco Volken 

I'm from the Databases team. We currently have a new feature underway to making adding entries easier. It should be released in the upcoming weeks, stay tuned for the update!

For defining the width of a field, you should be able to hover over the border of a column and use the resize handle to alter the width.

Paul Craig February 5, 2024

There is a known bug which has broken the defining of widths of a field. Here's the response to my post from Rachel Li regarding this issue as well as a work around (How to Resize Column widths):

Hi, thanks for raising this! We're aware of this bug and are working on a fix. We'll let you know once the fix has been deployed. 

This is the workaround that some other customers found:

place your cursor over the column border in an area where it turns form the hand icon into the pointer arrow, right click, then left click.

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Marco Volken February 6, 2024

Hi @Rebecca Dai , 

Thanks for the information. I am looking forward to testing that soon then.

What about the other points I raised, can you provide some insight on those?


Rachel Li
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 6, 2024


Hi @Marco Volken I can provide some insight on your other points:

The team is currently working on an /embed database macro that will be released sometime in the next few weeks. This macro will allow you to embed a reference to a database, entry, or value. It will also allow you to create a new database entry in a database that you select.

We do not provide the ability to define the height of the embedding frame or support pagination at the moment.

Tagging our product manager @Divya Sriram for the product feedback! 

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Marco Volken February 6, 2024

Thank you for the answers @Rachel Li , I appreciate it.

So basically the functions that where already existing months ago, will be coming back in the next couple of weeks.

And all the other feedback is currently not being considered by the dev team, which at least to me is a little disappointing.

I marked your last answer as solution nevertheless. Thanks.

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MF December 19, 2023

Just additional Info: In the Alpha Version, which ist currently still enabled for us, the three Macros are still available.

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