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How to display database page attributes on the created page?

Wolfgang Diehl January 29, 2024

so I am playing around with databases and so far I like what I see.

Let's say I create a database as parent for all releases (Like the database teaser page shows).
I was able to set the first column to page link which allows to create new pages based on templates (Awesome!). Adding another column for page status allows to update the page status. (Great!)

But what about all the other columns where I would like to add additional meta information about the release. Like linked issue, dates, owner... Yes it looks great in the overview page database, but how do I get this meta information to also display inside the individual release pages?

I know that I can reference the database via smart link inside the individual release page, but this displays the whole database.

I know that I can set views for database where I could filter for the individual page. But I would like this to be automated or with smart values. Meaning that the new page gets created with the database that automatically only displays the row of the page itself.

I am used to the page properties - page properties report interaction where the meta data is displayed inside the individual pages and inside the overview report. So I was hoping to recreate this structure with databases that additionally gives me the functionality that databases offer over page property reports.


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Filip Callewaert January 30, 2024

Hi @Wolfgang Diehl , what you suggest was possible in the alpha programme with the macro "Database Entry" . In beta, only the macro "create database" seems to be available, but I guess the former macros will all come back for public release. If not, Databases would lose its strengths.

(I bumped into this insight (beta is not alpha) only yesterday, after having posted some screenshots of the alpha way of working)


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marc -Collabello--Phase Locked-
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 29, 2024

I believe this is currently not possible with databases.

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