Feature requests : card view layout, combining fields content, tags, CLI/API for adding/updating

ddlaer0 February 16, 2024
  • The card view is great, but the options for it are very limited. Even with the Large card width option its width it is too small. You need to have an option for full page width so the cards are displayed as one column.
  • Will it also be possible to define templates for card view (e.g. using variables for substituting the needed fields in the card view layout)? That would be really interesting
  • Concerning using tag fields:
    • Removing unused tags
    • Changing color of tag after creation
    • Sorting/ordering/moving tags in the list
    • Adding at specific location in the list
  • I do not know if there are ways to add/update entries in a database through CLI or via API. It would be nice to have this functionality. e.g. in our research group we need to have an overview of all available datasets that reside on our dataserver. Daily scripts (via cronjobs) could provide information about the current size of the datasets and the exact permissions (what users/groups have what rights - read-only, write, execute. The scripts could then automatically update the entries in the databases.
  • Fields that combine information of other fields in a row, e.g. concatenation, math, string manipulation (with regular expressions), ...


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Justin Husted
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I'm New Here
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February 23, 2024

I am encouraged that this is becoming an option. We have a lot of uses for it within our team. In addition to the requests above:

- Ability to create a calculated field based upon values from other data elements. For example, if I have total project budget and project expenses to date as two separate fields, I want to be able calculate CPI. If I have forecasted revenue and actual revenue for a given month, I want to calculate % variance.

- Ability to do pivot tables and charts from databases. I want to see a summary of all expenses by projects where @John is tagged as the project manager

- Ability to identify a primary key and foreign key. And the ability to lock/unlock a column. Can't have my keys being modified.

- Ability to SELECT and JOIN two databases together.

- Ability to backup/restore the database on a schedule. I think there is an option to track all changes, which is great, but storage intensive. I want to schedule a backup once/day, etc

- Ability to import additional entries from an Excel or .csv file. I saw the import feature, but couldn't make it work with additional entries, only initial setup. The ability to collect a file from a repository and import the entries would be nice too, but we currently do not have a use for it.

- Ability to export a selection to .csv. I want to export Jim's projects into an Excel file/report.

- Ability to have a LLM comb the data and make recommendations. If we have a risk register of 100s of projects, I want it to be able to have an AI review my active project risk registers, find similar risks that we've encountered in the past, assess how impactful the risk is and make recommendations based upon how it was mitigated in the past within our organization as well as how it is mitigated from a holistic best practice standpoint. Now, I understand that this is a big ask, and we are just scratching the surface with databases now, but perhaps this could be a long term vision.

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