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FAQ Management in Confluence Databases

p_borloz November 6, 2023

We would like to do our FAQ management in ONE Confluence Database. First attempts went great, but now we are stumbling over some difficulties.

Problem: We would need an permission setting per database entry, as not every user or user group should have the same level of visibility in the database. As we want to use the FAQ database for every audience, we also need to be able to differentiate between users / user groups / guests and anonymous access.




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Filip Callewaert November 7, 2023

Only some thinking-out-loud:

- the permission is meant for the page the entry refers to, I suppose

- in your dbase add a column 'permissions' > page label (this actively adds or deletes labels to the page!)

- set up automation rules that define that "adding label x" (trigger) changes permissions of the page to y 

You need Premium for this. I could only test the rule in a Premium instance without Databases. 

Databases is the best label manager so far!

The only thing I could not set up this way: "the page" in the rule: must be: the page in this entry > that will not be part of the automation vocabulary I guess. That is something for the Databases Product Manager!

Divya Sriram
Atlassian Team
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November 12, 2023

Interesting use case - you're looking to store all your information in one database but different users would have access at different level. 

Filip has interesting thoughts below.

I'm also curious to understand how your varying audiences view the FAQ. Are you embedding a view of the database onto pages and sharing each page with the right audience? Wondering if permissions per entry is the right level or if permissions at the view level might be more efficient than managing permissions at the entry level?

Filip Callewaert November 13, 2023

I think that permissions per entry would be a game changer for Confluence, getting rid of the 2D-information management. 

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