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Entry links and two-way relations

Owen Scott March 20, 2024

(Theoretical example for explanatory purposes.)

Let's say I have two databases:

  • Ingredients 
    • Entries include: oat milk, flour, tofu, rice, etc.
  • Recipes
    • Entries include: pancakes, stir fry, etc.

Now I create an entry link in the recipes DB that links to the ingredients DB. Then I fill in the relevant ingredients for each recipe.

On the ingredients DB, a new column should auto-populate e.g. "related recipes." Right now, I have to manually create two different entry link fields and enter in the values twice.

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Agnes Canlas March 20, 2024

I believe what you're looking is the Entry Backlink feature found here Getting started with Confluence databases | Confluence Cloud | Atlassian Support. You can use this feature to automatically track which other databases are related to your database. You will put the back entrylink to your 'recipe' database in your 'ingredients' database.

Raquel Cueto-Senra April 2, 2024

Not sure if this has been resolved, there was a bug recently that prevented its use. See 

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