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Database Entry in Confluence Page Template

MF August 8, 2023

You can create a Confluence Page, add a "Database Entry" Macro and use the option "Create Entry" (will create a Database Entry with the linked paged)

You can create a Confluence Template, add a "Database Entry" Macro, but the Option "Create Entry" can´t be choosen (because of the non existent page id - it seems). 

So, it would be fine, if this would become a working functionality. (or a better error message)

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Hendrik Hillus August 31, 2023

I was just trying the same.

So I tried a workaround:

Have a /placeholder text in the Template with the instruction "type /database entry ...".

However testing this, I am currently not able to create a new Entry in the database with the /database entry macro. 

- I can choose existing entries just fine

- When typing a name for a new entry in the box "Select or create new entry*" the name just gets removed and the box gets highlighted red.

I could swear that I created new entries like this in the past.

Do you have the same problem or even better a solution?

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