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Contextual Views for Embedded Databases

Nadia Spira January 31, 2024

Hi -- I am very excited about expanding to include databases. For context I work in web development for a complex compliance oriented system. Being able to include iframes to prototypes, written user stories, and embedded databases on a single page would be a huge value-add for my team. In particular I see embedded databases as being able to help us provide information where it is needed while making sure we are consistent across our system, inventories are self maintaining and in sync with screen designs, and reviewers and coders can more intuitively understand framework level mechanisms.

That said I'd be interested in seeing the following features whenever a database has a column type of 'page link' and is embedded on a page:

  1. Have an option to turn on 'Contextual Views' -- the database will filter to only show those rows associated to the page the embed is on. This way if you have a database that is embedded across multiple screen designs, you are not required to make a new 'view' for each.
  2. Additionally -- when Contextual Views is turned on, hide the page link column (not useful to the reviewer)
  3. Merge the version history of the page and the database rows which have a link to that page. Thus if I have a version history macro on my page, I'd like the option to see all of the edits to the page as well as all of the edits to any embedded database for entries in the database that are linked to the page.



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