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Combine the 'Tags'-field and 'Page Labels' to categorize page labels and easier manage and use them

Filip Callewaert February 27, 2024

Nice that Databases allows a direct interaction with pages to manage its page labels.

And the Tag-field enables us to predefine a set of tags without allowing the user to make new tags. Though, in Databases, tags are not page labels and vv.

This reminds me of how difficult it is to manage and use page labels today (without marketplace add-ons):

- it is a folksonomy, so users are free to add labels, in whatever spelling/format they wish

- after some time the available label set is so big and one-dimensional (all labels in one list) that it is impossible to have a sound overview about what exists (or not) - this results in guess-work

This is echoed in the existing page label field in Databases: per page (mentioned in the Title field), you just get all page labels as one big uncategorized list.

If only we got for page labels the managerial capabilities that exist for the tag-field combined with the page label field! Then, in separate columns, we could have well-defined separate categories of labels (tags) that can be used to append labels to pages - a clear focus on only one category of labels to be used (eg the HR-labelset with all departments listed, or the software applications set in another column...).

Just an idea for better content management in Confluence with Databases -- according to me a very promising use case for Databases!

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Stefan Kleineikenscheidt _K15t_
Rising Star
Rising Star
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February 27, 2024

If I get you correctly, you want tag-like functionality for page labels, in order to avoid users clutter page labels – correct?

If so, that's a bit difficult, because users would still able to add random labels on the page.

Does that make sens?

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