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BUG - selecting values in list of entry link field with multi select enabled

ddlaer0 February 16, 2024

There is a bug when selecting a value from the given list in an entry link field with multi select enabled. In most cases the selected value does not get taken the first time and you have to redo the selection over and over again till success. Sometimes it takes up to 4-5 times before it works.

Annoying is the fact that you cannot filter the list that shows up in that selection. e.g. sorted on the lastname. The selection list keeps the order in which the rows were added.

Also, the selection list shows unnamed entries for empty entries

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ddlaer0 March 26, 2024

Doesn't seem to be a delay problem.

work around: enter a search string to find the requested value and then press return.

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Claude February 16, 2024

Confirming that the bug is indeed there. Also values that are linked from another database do not display on first try in card view. Like you said you have to refresh a few times before it updates. It seems there is a processing delay but it shouldn’t be this long since the databases are hosted on the same space.

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