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API available/planned

MF August 2, 2023

Is there a API available or planned for interacting with the databases?

Use cases:

Define Scope with Database ID ->

-> query with filter options -> get data from database

As user I´d like to query my database to fill an external "Select Field" with values from a Database (column).

-> insert new Entrys

As user I´d like to add new Entrys to a Database, when other systems generate new values

-> delete existing by ID

As user I´d like to delete existing entrys, when other systems remove values

-> update existing by ID

As user I´d like to change fields in selected rows, when other systems values change.


For a first iteration a query of existing data would be fine, as this has more priority (for us)


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3 votes
Daniel October 17, 2023

Same here, we see great potential in Confluence Databases and would like to see an API for accessing the tables and entries, especially when interacting with other systems at our company.

2 votes
Reto Haeberli August 30, 2023

That would be of interest to us as well. Particularly writing data from the outside into a database would be valuable as Confluence is almost never the master for structured data.

Sam Reed October 11, 2023

Our team also has interest in this - we're investigating Confluence as a potential store/source of information tightly related to our project spaces, which would require some read/write capabilities.

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