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Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration for Confluence Cloud

Hey Community,

I'm Shrey Luthra from the Confluence Cloud Product Management team. We know many of you use Confluence as the single source of truth inside your organization. But sometimes your team’s knowledge also lives across other applications and you need a way to bring it into Confluence. That’s why we’re working on improving our integrations with third party tools that we all use and love. Today, I'm happy to share that we've lunched a new integration between Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Confluence Cloud (beta).


All your files in one place

With the new Microsoft OneDrive integration, you can embed Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into your Confluence pages.



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Click the expand button to see your content in full view.



Easy Authentication

With this integration, each user needs to be logged in to their Microsoft account to view embedded files. Confluence respects all privacy settings in OneDrive.



Try out the new integration

To use the Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Beta) integration, make sure you have the app installed on your instance. You can find it on the Atlassian Marketplace Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Beta) listing.

Once installed, simply paste the Microsoft OneDrive file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) link in Confluence

OR type /OneDrive

OR go to + (Insert) menu in Confluence editor and click on "View more" to find Microsoft OneDrive for Business 

Your Microsoft OneDrive file (Word, PowerPoint, or Excel) will auto-embed in the page.


Note that Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Beta) integration only supports OneDrive for Business accounts. Personal OneDrive accounts won’t work with this integration.



We’d love to hear your feedback on this integration. Please comment below.

Also, if you’re loving the Marketplace app, please review it!


I would like to be able to embed OneNote pages in a confluence page.  It would make my life so much easier.

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Shrey Atlassian Team Feb 06, 2020

Thanks @Dee Vincent-Day for the feedback. Currently Microsoft APIs do not provide support for OneNote embedding. We will explore it further though.


Confluence team.

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Hi Shrey, thanks for the update here. This has the markings of a useful feature.

A couple of questions:

Will it be possible to embed SharePoint files in the same way? We seem to use OneDrive more for backing up individual work and SharePoint for documents we're collaborating on and intranetty files. It would be useful to be able to plug SharePoint docs directly into Confluence pages.

Also, I keep getting the following error:

Sorry, something went wrong

The access token has expired. It's valid from '2/7/2020 9:45:47 AM' and to '2/7/2020 9:50:47 AM'.TECHNICAL DETAILS

This looks like something on Microsoft's end, but is there a way of Confluence requesting a slightly longer access token? It seems like it's kicking me out after five minutes (possibly of inactivity - I've not tested it much yet).

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I second the question of whether this will also be available for SharePoint. My company uses SharePoint as fileshare, and incorporation with Confluence would be really great!

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Shrey Atlassian Team Feb 10, 2020

@Tom Crowley currently the integration supports OneDrive for business files only.

I would love to get more details on the error you are getting. Can you please send me an email with all the steps you are following (sluthra at atlassian is my email). Thanks.


Can you please send me an email with all the steps you are following .

I want to know how should i proceed 

If possible pls explain me once 

my email id is


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Hi @Rajni_kaushal, what are you trying to achieve?

If you go to the app store using the link in the article, it should guide you through the install. When you've installed it, you add it to a page like any other macro.


what about integration with confluence server?

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Shrey Atlassian Team Feb 18, 2020

@Patricia Beyet at this time this integration works only with Confluence Cloud

Doesn't work for me. Shows an error that it can't find the page. If I directly paste the link to the browser window, it is displayed. We are using Office365 and the links created by OneDrive have the format

2020-02-19 10_46_56-Window.png

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Shrey Atlassian Team Feb 19, 2020

@Melvin Isken sorry to hear that it is not working for you. Can you please email me the steps you used (my email is sluthra at atlassian dot com)


Confluence Cloud team

This is a very good news, indeed!

@Shrey, do you know if content on files stored in OneDrive and embedded on Confluence pages, get indexed for the users to find on the Confluence Search?

Let's say I create a knowledge base page about how to send a parcel, and I embed a Word document with the procedure. Is this content indexed? If within the Word file I have listed all carriers (UPS, FEDEX, etc..), will I be able to locate that page if search fro "FEDEX" on the Confluence Search box?

Shrey Atlassian Team Feb 20, 2020

@alampreave OneDrive content is not indexed in Confluence Cloud

The process states that it is being offered as a free trial. This suggests it will be provided as an additional charge in the future. Before I start embedding elements I would appreciate a heads-up on ball park cost.

Shrey Atlassian Team Mar 04, 2020

@Martin Ellis it will remain as a free integration

Absolutely awesome to have this integration with OneDrive, thank you.

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Agree with others. Great new feature but with the uptake of Teams in our organisation this would need to include SharePoint library integration before we could adopt. And adopt we would. 

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If this is similar to Teams integration, I found that the word documents don't have the full suite of formatting options.  It is only half there.  So i would ensure that all features you can get on the desktop of Word/Excel or PPT would need to have the full capabilities for formatting.  Should be like for like.  Right now it is not.

Is this free just during beta or will it remain so?

Shrey Atlassian Team Mar 04, 2020

@Drew Cottrell it will remain free forever

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+1 for adding this for SharePoint as well, if at all possible. I believe this one extra addition would make a massive increase in uptake of this feature among your customers and provide genuine benefit.

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Yea this is extremely exciting!  We use SharePoint as our primary storage for documents.  OneDrive is only for as augmentative storage space for personal projects and files.

a huge +1 for this to support OneDrive links on SharePoint.  

LOVE this extension!!

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This is great!


Can you please add an option for Sharepoint. As many have already pointed out most companies use OneDrive for non-shared files and Sharepoint for shared files to collaborate on.

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Is it just me or is the link not working?


503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.


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